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    Grado PS1000 Owner's List

    Proud owner of #239 here. Got them used from head-fier in NZ. Recabled with Moon Audio Black Dragon. Finish on mine is good but not perfect. Have a few tiny black speck (you have to look for them). They have a matt to satin finish. Sonically I love them. I listen to them every night before...
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    eXStata DIY Electrostatic Amp for Intermediate DIYers

    Count me in the seriously interested builders crowd. My only problem is that I don't have any stats. Very handy for the final QC test. But that shouldn't be a problem for very long. One thing I would need before getting into the project is find info of what are the bias standard and what...
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    Roll Call: Who's building, built, or thinking of building a beta22?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fishski13 D.Y.R. and aloksatoor, yes, very nice... i've been running the B22 through it's paces with my DT990/600ohm: Yabby You, Kruder and Dorfmeister, and Charlie Haden were all on tap for the night. transients and note attack are excellent. the...
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    Are the HD650's forgiving?

    In my experience the HD-650 were the most forgiving headphones I heard. And I heard them with many different amps (SS, hybrid and tubes). Some amps may make them sound more detailed but never harsh. More forgiving than them you will have to insert pillows between your ears and headphone...
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    Roll Call: Who's building, built, or thinking of building a beta22?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fishski13 i have the dt990/600 and went with the default gain of 8. i'm hoping this will be adequate. Should be just fine but, I suggest you order the parts for 5x gain for a buck or two extra. If you change your mind you'll save on shipping later...
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    Grado PS-1000 initial impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rhett_Butler Nono Wolf you misunderstand, the grilles are fully ventilated, it's the circular outermost edge of the rims I'm talking about. The flat surface is encircled by rubberbands. Duh! Mine didn't come with the rubber bands... In that case I...
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    Grado PS-1000 initial impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rhett_Butler One question, the headphones arrived with rubber bands wrapped around the rims, should I take them off? I'd rather keep them to prevent scratches and stuff. But if they're affecting the resonance of the chamber, I'd gladly take them off...
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    High-End Solid State Amps : Overview & Roundtable

    Quote: Originally Posted by Yikes ... I however use caution when weighing peoples opinions concerning their own DIY projects. The proud parent syndrome hits hard where DIY is concerned. As in a Parents Child is always the Smartest/Beautiful/Handsome Etc. It's human nature, when you pour...
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    Stacker II- Progress? Availability?

    Without seeing schematics, anyone know what are the design features that set it apart from the SOHA/SOHA II, Millet Hybrid and Akaido? Higher B+ and CCS bias? DC coupled? DRPP or SRPP or SRSE? BJT or MOSFET buffer? How many mA or Watt into class A? What tube family will be compatible...
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    Hmmmm! - New Single-ended Class A - Looks nice!

    Could be interesting how it sound with low-Z cans like Grados. From the described sound signature it could sounds great with them particularly the RS-1.
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    Grado PS-1000 initial impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by pearljam5000 how many people on head fi have a PS1000? Difficult to say, maybe it's time to start a new registry thread. I total, I don't think there's 500 PS1K in the wild yet. My SN are 23x and I don't recall seen one in the 3xx.
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    Grado PS-1000 initial impressions

    I never heard a stock PS1000 so I can't compare. One thing for sure I'm very happy. It took many life privations to afford them, but they are well worth it to me. (I think we need to edit and add a new PS1000 smile...)
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    Help Understanding High Gain vs. Low Gain

    Quote: Originally Posted by feifan I seldom listen at high gain with my HR amps. They're usually set at medium. But when I do use high, I don't hear any noise. I've never used low but would assume that the entire range would have been designed for no noise. Am I assuming wrong...
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    Grado PS-1000 initial impressions

    Some of the lastest post lead me to think this is just a small preview of what will happend once sommeone post a full and complete review of PS-1000 vs HD-800. I imagine that will be the thread of the year...
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    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    Sorry if this already been asked but is the new board can be use for MOSFET buffer or BJT?