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    LG-V10 Hi-Fi audio quality review on serious audio performance

    Do you know how superior it is? Is it very noticeable music quality or very little? My album only consist of 16 bit flac song,eg. rolling in the deep, counting stars,etc... Buying from other country with no warrenty is very risky.. I just want to make sure that if it is worth the risk and money...
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    LG V10 : New ESS Chipped Flagship Android Phone from LG

    Hi, i am new here and to audiophile.Just started a few months ago. I got a few questions regarding lg v10... a. Can anyone compare Lg v10 with iphone 6s plus in terms of audio quality[other than the buzzing issue]? b. How long can lg v10 last when listening to music using ess dac? c. Is my...
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