Addicted to IEMS! And everything miniature!
motorcycles snd road trips
Headphone Inventory
LCD-XC, HD800, AKT5P, MDR-Z7,UM MASON, UM MAVERICK, LEAR LUF-4B, FAD HEAVEN7 & FIBASS, INEARZ CIEM/850's, OCHARAKU DONGARI KEYAKI AND FLAT4 KAEDE AKA2, fitear parterre, campfire orion,cypher labs c6iem V2,
Headphone Amp Inventory
PHA-3,vorzuge pure 2, alo continental dual mono, ali continental v2,
Source Inventory
Lotoo paw 5000, ak120, AK100ii, ak120ii, AK240SS, X5,X1, DX50, DX90, NW-ZX2
Cable Inventory
Everthing gets custom made by me using 7n occ spc 26awg wire, 5% silver solder and which evef plugs and conbectors needed
Other Audio Equipment
Cambridge 851A, 851N, oppo ha-1, furman power conditioners, woo audio wa22, dared audio vp-80, pro-ject carbon turntable, pro-ject RS network streamer, psb imagine B's, sonus faber venere 1.5's, rel acoustics t5 and t zero subs.
reflector assembler, professional student, singing telegram, does anyone really care?