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Jun 7, 2019
Jun 10, 2009
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Headphoneus Supremus

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Jun 7, 2019
  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    Erato Apollo 7S
    JH Audio JH|13 Pro
    Sennheiser HD650 with Silver Dragon Cable
    Sony XBA-Z5 with Sony Muc-b20bl1 Headphone Audio Replacement Cable
    Sony IER-Z1R
    Sony MDR-Z1R with Wireworld Nano-Platinum Eclipse Cable
    STAX SR-009
    Sony WH-1000XM3
    Zero Audio TWZ-1000

    Gone and probably not forgotten:
    AKG K1000
    Audeze EL-8 (closed)
    B&W PX
    Beyerdynamic T1
    Beyerdynamic T51p
    Definitive Technology Symphony 1
    Etymotic ER-4P
    Grado GS1000i
    Grado HF-2
    Grado SR200 (HP1000 blackstar drivers)
    JH Audio AKR03 Special Edition Roxanne
    Sennheiser HD800
    Shure KSE 1500
    Sony MDR-1RNC MK2
    Sony 1000X
    STAX SR-202
    STAX SR-507
    STAX SR-007A
    STAX SR-4070
    STAX SR-404LE
    Thinksound on1
    Ultrasone HFI-780 ALO modified with 18G SXC Cryo
    Ultrasone Signature DJ with Black Dragon cable
    Victor HP-DX1000
    Yamaha YH-2
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Sony TA-ZH1ES
    STAX SRM-600

    Eddie Current Zana Deux SE #7
    pico Portable USB DAC / Amp
    Ray Samuels Audio Emmeline "Tomahawk"
    Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA #1 (Fixed Outputs)
    Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 Integrated
    Sony PHA-2
    STAX SRM-1/MK-2 C Series
    STAX SRM-252
    STAX SRM-300
    Source Inventory:
    AK 240
    Linn LP12 (Trampolin 2, Radikal, Keel, Ekos SE, Kandid)
    Pro-Ject 2Xperience/Vincent PHO-8
    Sony HAP-Z1ES
    Sony UBP-X1000ES

    Bel Canto USB Link 24/96
    Esoteric SA-10
    McIntosh MCD500
    Sony NWZ-ZX1
    Cambridge Audio 751BD
    Yamaha BD-A1000
    Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6
    Cable Inventory:
    Virtual Dynamics David 2.0 Interconnects
    Townshend Isolda DCT 300 Interconnects
    Grover Huffman SC Dot Interconnects
    Lots of Blue Jeans Cable Interconnects
    Virtual Dynamics Testament 2.0 Power cable
    Audio Art Power 1 Power cable with Furutech FI-11 Plugs
    Nordost Red Dean Power cable
    Nordost Heimdall 2 Power cable
    Black Sand Violet Z1 Power cables
    Jellyfish Iron Lung Power cable
    Locus Design Group Spotlight USB cable
    Power-Related Components:
    PS Audio Power Plant Premier
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Smyth Research Realiser A8
    Amarra 4

    Bowers & Wilkins 805 Diamond Limited Edition
    Bowers & Wilkins D1B
    McIntosh C50
    McIntosh MC452
    Mini-Maggie System with Wadia 151/Musical Fidelity V-192
    Martinlogan Depth i

    Cambridge Audio Azur 851A
    Cambridge Audio Azur 551R
    Martinlogan Purity
    Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 2
    Born. Did stuff.


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