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    Small home office budget 2.0/2.1 hif/lifestyle system

    That's a pretty sweet setup, kraken. However you go, if you find something that works in your room, it's pretty magical. Mine works astonishingly well in the bedroom. Had no plans on keeping it there, but wouldn't want to go without it now. Your livingroom setup is kickass. ;)
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    Custom Ear Pads (Pics)

    Has Fox contacted you with a show offer yet? "Pimp My Pads"   Those are cool, nice job!
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    Post pics of your builds....

      So Ferrari- you and Sijosae were separated at birth, right? That is beautiful board work! I don't think I could ever manage that with my fingers.   This is a weak follower, but I finished this amp a couple weeks ago, but am just now getting to some pictures. It's a derivation of the...
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    casework: help and opinions...

    Sounds cool. I figure that worst case, one can always gut it and go for a better chassis, but sometimes you can end up with something that looks really nice, and is also something not readily available. Not to mention it would cost a ton it it was. OT: How did the bike come out?
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    casework: help and opinions...

    Here's another picture that shows the knob. The HP jack is also recessed a bit. The board on top is unrelated to what is inside, BTW, I was just using the amp to test it.
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    casework: help and opinions...

    Another vote for a slab of wood. An aluminum plate would be nice, too, and could be either harder or easier to work with depending on what tools you have at your disposal. I like recycling cases like this, when it works. I've used a few network switch chassis made from steel, adding a wood...
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    Running Pimeta v1 or v2 on single 9V cell

    If it's important to run the amp on one 9v battery for some reason, the AD823 would be a reasonable choice. The AD8620 loves to run from from a 16 to 24v supply, so a pair of good rechargeable 9v may be a better idea if you like the chip.
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    MAD Ear+ Purist HD thread.

    Quote: Originally Posted by rattesp I think I will build a shrine for the 250th Ear+HD so you guys can come see it in all it's glory ! Nice catch! Looking forward to the pics.
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    UPDATED: Boston/Massachusetts Area - March 6th

    I'm bummed about it. We just got our power back Sunday, things are still quite a mess here, so I can't go out and play this weekend.
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    UPDATED: Boston/Massachusetts Area - March 6th

    I'm not going to be able to attend after all. Sorry to miss it, guys.
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    UPDATED: Boston/Massachusetts Area - March 6th

    I can probably make this. The following weekend in Queens is definitely a no-go. Unfortunately I don't have any FOTM to bring, but I can take pics.
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    My wooden rack

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gitbags All I need now is somewhere to put it I have room for it. Looks good, looking forward to seeing it with some finish. Did you use dowels, biscuits, dominos, m&t? Nice clean design.
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    DIY psu layout looks like a ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Speed-Freak Tell her it is a subliminal cry for help and seek her ASSistance in your recovery. Just barely subliminal. Maybe even a low scream!
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    Recommendations for a small drill press for pcb drilling?

    Thanks! It's a bit of work, but it is not difficult work. I picked up that drill press for less than the price of an aluminum drill-holding stand. The Delta in the background was my grandfather's, and there is a place in Bethel Vermont that has the same model available right now for $200, in...
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    Recommendations for a small drill press for pcb drilling?

    Doesn't have to be ultra-ridgid or high tolerance for that work. It's mostly convenience, so typical drill stand, or a dremel press would be fine. However, if you want to be drilling some faceplates and doing other chassis work at some point, especially if working in steel, then you will want...