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    SOLD: Ultrasone Edition 10

    Excellent, like-new condition. Very gently used and leather pads have no visible wear. Serial #1623. Price includes all fees.
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    Ultrasone edition 10 "THE BUTTERFLY" initial impressions

    Can someone comment on the sound similarities between the ED10 and Ultrasone's other open-back offerings?
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    Ultrasone edition 10 "THE BUTTERFLY" initial impressions

    Quick question: how similar are these to the HFI-2400 or Pro2900's?
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    The Deals DISCUSSION Thread (READ THE FIRST POST!!!) Phillips Fidelio L2 for $80 + shipping and tax.
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    Cans for Classical

    If comfort is important, you can go ahead and take the SR80e (and any Grado for that matter) off the list. The DT990 is a polarizing headphone. Lots of bass and lots of treble. The HD598 is probably the best choice of the three.
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    Comfortable, lightweight, over-ear/circumaural, closed...

    Looking to buy a headphone for long-term studying. I prefer my headphones to be as light as possible, but I also find on-ears to be uncomfortable after a couple hours. Basically, the requirements I'm looking for are: Closed Around-ear Under 200g, preferably around 180g No crazy clamping force...
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    AKG K702 Impressions.

      Yeah leather pads make them sound dramatically different. I kinda need that though, since I've got mild tinnitus and I was told to go easy on the treble.   The K702 and its variants do change through burn-in, as Tyll showed with his little experiment. Nowhere as dramatic as people say, though. 
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    AKG K702 Impressions.

      Question - what modified pads are you using with the AD700? I have an AD900 with W1000Z leather pads, which completely changes the sound.   To answer your question, the K702 for me is the more engaging headphone. I know it gets a lot of flak for its diffuse, artificial soundstage, but I...
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    Skullcandy Grind

    Just ordered a pair for $25. I'm less worried about the sound and more about durability. I've seen some pretty worn out and gross-looking Grinds on the subway so I'm pretty sure the plastic gets grubby real fast.   The whole thing with Skullcandy being bought out is interesting- I wonder if...
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    Used, very good AKG K271 mkii's for $75 from AWD:
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    Audio Technica ATH-W5000 headphones

      If you wanna describe the signature that way, sure. But the soundstage and presentation are entirely different between the two. Can you really compare them? I'd keep the Q701 if I were you.
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    Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

    These are selling at your local Costco for $80. They had a demo setup and I must say they sounded pretty good.
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    JVC HA-SZ2000/1000 Impressions Thread

    Can someone explain to me why it's relevant at all that it's a dual-driver setup? 
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    Stereo imaging and soundstage

    My vote goes to the Audio-Technica AD900 for less than $300.   Replace the stock pads with spare W1000Z ones for more bass (can be ordered from AT for about $25).
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    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

    "Bass is nonexistent" is a fairly meaningless statement. Bass is less than X, or more than Y - now that has more substance.   That said, the K550's bass goes pretty deep and it's flat, exactly how a reference should be.