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Dec 5, 2011
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  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 (8.5/10)
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50x (8.2/10)
    Needs more Cans...

    Shure se215 (6.0/10)
    Shure se846 (9.x/10) - shure fanboy here ;(
    Monster Turbine Pro Copper (MTPC) (8.0/10)
    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 (8.2/10)
    HEIR Audio 4.Ai S (8.9/10) - giving me the most troubles, but great mids and vocal
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Venturecraft Go-Dap X Dac/Amp
    Source Inventory:
    iPod Nano
    Sony & Pansonic Cassette Player - like how it sounds
    Old Unknown CD Player - very big
    Cable Inventory:
    Ranko Cable
    Orange Cable ;)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Ukulele Tenor
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Ride on Guitars
    Music Preferences:
    Blue, Jazz, Classic, Pop
    What about me is about MUSIC twisting my soul and memory with you. These create me.
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