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    Focal Celestee Loaner program from

    Hi All, Here is the list. It has already shipped to the first person on the list. I look forward to your impressions of the Celestee! This program is now closed to more participants. Thank you to those who have signed up! Have fun. Focal Celestee Loaner Participants 1. Tutetibiimperes 2...
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    Focal Celestee Loaner program from

    HI All, We shipped the Celestee out to the first loaner recipient yesterday so the program is in full swing. Enjoy you time with the Celestee and I really look forward to your impressions of the Celestee in this thread. I will post the list of participants later today or tomorrow - we have room...
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    IN Stock and Ready To Ship!

    HI All, I am sure we have all run into the supply chain problems! It is irritating and a pain in the arse to say the least. Fortunately, we have quite a few great items in stock and ready to ship. Also, if you are interested in the Focal Clear MG or the Celestee, we have special pricing on...
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    Focal Celestee Loaner program from

    HI All, We have our demo Focal Celestee now available for a loaner program. Same rules as always. We have them in stock and available. We would like for those who are considfering purchasing these headphones to sign up. They are really very good and are confident, once heard they will become a...
  5. Moon 110LP v2 Phono Stage

    Brand new in box Moon 110LP v2. List is $530.00
  6. Meze Empyrean

    See the pictures included. Slight indent on the screen of the left earcup.
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    Chord 2yu and 2go combo loaner program!

    It is out in the field with a loaner participant - it should be shipping very soon to the next in line. it is alive and kicking - you should see some reviews here soon. Todd
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    Labor Day Sale @

    Last day to take advantage of our 10% off sale. Some great gear at very good prices!!! Todd
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    New Loaner program - Meze Elite

    Hi Al;l, We are offering a loaner program for the new Meze Elite headphones. We would like participants that are looking to buy the Elite headphones and buy them from if they are the headphone you are looking for. If you are interested, the rules are below the pictures. We look...
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    Comment by 'Todd' on listing 'TEAC UD 505 Headphone amp and DAC Black'

    The TEAC Reference products are made in China. Their turntables are made in Taiwan.
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    Comment by 'Todd' on listing 'TEAC UD505 Headphone Amp and DAC Black'

    UD 505. It is about 1 year old. It is a current model with AKM DAC chips.
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    New from Esoteric! The N-05XD Network Audio Player

    Hi All, Esoteric will begin shipping their new N-05XD Network Audio Player in September! This is a premier audiophile Network Player that includes a balanced headphone amp, operates as a Preamplifier and has the ultimate DAC inside - the Esoteric Master Sound Discrete DAC found in their top of...
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    Chord 2yu and 2go combo loaner program!

    The Chord 2go and 2yu are on their way to the first recipient. Have fun. Please make sure to write your reviews in this thread and keep the units moving in a timely manner. Thanks! Todd
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    Questyle M12 Loaner Program @

    NGOSHAWK, send the email and I will make sure you get it upon your return.
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    Chord 2yu and 2go combo loaner program!

    Chord 2go and 2yu Loaner Program Participants 1 fuzzychaos 2 WyldeBlue 3 Catharus 4 CT007 5 ngoshawk 6 StivVid 7 PhillyD 8 mfadio 9 Turbo AL 10 genefruit 11 PACSman Updated list - This loaner program is now closed.