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    KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

    Quote: Without getting into the math, it would take about the maximum 10mW to reach a Sound Pressure Level of 100dB with a sensitivity of 94dB assuming you have a low impedance source which is about what you are mentioning.   Whatever portable device you have with these headphones...
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    KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

    Quote: I think they designed it specifically IAW the EU requirements which is why they chose such a low impedance and sensitivity (i.e. 12 ohms and 94dB with a maximum input power of 10mW):     Quote:   Cheers.
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    KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

    What is the volume setting required from an iPod Touch headphone out to adequately power these 12ohm impedance phones...  Given their marketing to ensure they respect the volume limitations as directed by the EU I would imagine you would not be able to get them too loud.  Just wondering if an...
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    KEF new headphones!

    Hi,   Try the KEF Direct website at:  or (for us Canucks):     Quote:   Not quite sure why they are $50.00 more for the Canadian _version_ since they are from the UK shipped the same distance to North America and the two...
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    KEF new headphones!

    Quote: Can you also evaluate the M200s?     Thanks!   Cheers.
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    Headfi and safari = slow as *****!

    The problems continue with Safari with the spinning beach ball of death on head-fi.   Everytime I access anything on head-fi it works for a few minutes and then Safari locks up and needs to quit.  This is the only site where I have had any issues.   Using Safari Version 5.1.8 (6534.58.2)...
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    Yamaha EPH-100 (Replacement) Tips?

    Thanks.   Did you mean these ones:    Cheers.
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    Westone UM2: The Forgotten "Classic"

    Quote: Okay thanks.  Thought you might have a customized equaliser setting.   Cheers.
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    Westone UM2: The Forgotten "Classic"

    Quote: Hey Spyro,   just curious what you have set for your treble EQ boost in your iPod.  And FWIW the UM2s are fantastic IEMs.   Cheers.  
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    Can anyone provide me with a list of websites that ship to Canada with no customs/brokerage fees because of import?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ShootingStars Paying customs/brokerage costs too much when you buy online. Sites that sell headphones I mean. Just try and get them to ship them via USPS vice the other companies (UPS, FedEx etc.). USPS just passes it over to Canada Post and then you...
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    Westone UM2 Eartips - Which Shure Black Olive Size?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Spyro TKO - ... What do you think of the UM2? Spryo, I absolutely love them. I just switched from the UE Super.Fi 5 Pro and I find them to be a big step up in sound, and more importantly, comfort. I had a very hard time getting the Super.Fis to...
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    Westone UM2 Eartips - Which Shure Black Olive Size?

    Everyone, am looking at trying out one of the Shure black olive eartips that I have been led to believe fit the Westone UM2s that I just picked up. In the Westone UM2 box there are the two default sizes and I prefer the taller model. Based on this which Shure size should I order? Any...
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    Your favorite Top line Speaker Manufacturer

    Where's Revel? No poll for quality speakers can be conducted without Revel. Cheers.
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    The Music Game VII

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rednamalas1 Voice of the Voiceless -Rage against the machine You're The Voice - John Farnham. Cheers.
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Robbie Robertson - Broken Arrow. Cheers.