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    Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Has anyone Silver poison or Scorpion paired with JH13 pro? Which one is better for these custom iems? thank you
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    Read Sennheiser's Annual Report & win a HD 800!

    im in:D good luck to everyone:D
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    Unique Melody Australia is giving away a FREE set of UM Merlins...could be you!

    I dont know if im blind but where can i find entry form?thanks
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    INTRODUCING......TWag v2!!!

    and what about cable for JH-3A?
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    JH3A - How will you feed it?

    Ye I cant afford both. And if I can, the hifiman and jh3A will be a bit bulky combo.
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    JH3A - How will you feed it?

    Hello,   I now have Hifiman and i want JH3A but i cant afford it. So i must sell Hifiman. Can people that plan or had buy JH3A give us idea how will feed JH3A?Or give us any idea. Can i use only JH3A system feed form computer by coaxial cable?   thanks for all tips
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    i absolutely think you have fit issue.
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    JH13/16 for classical or jazz?

    I mostly listen to jazz and JH13 pro are perfect for it but for classical i dont know i almost with all headphones feel that it problem to enjoy classical music..i dont know if problem si with me or something else.
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    Only for demo purpose but you can loan:)but must pay for shipping.
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    CanJam New Product List!!

    SACD-Man, TWspc is better like Twag?or some diferencies?   thanks
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    HiFiMAN HM-801 Player Firmware Debug Thread

    Hi,   i have problem with Hifiman about battery. When i turn on player, then listen to some music, then pause music and turn off player, my battery seems that when i turn off player, player continue with exhaust. Make i something wrong?Sometimes i have this problem sometimes...
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    So my are in Customs house. And i must pay fees. It will be 200 euro hoping i put JH13 to my ears and i will forget what money i paid....