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    Multi-Portable Amp Thread: 16 amps reviewed (Leckerton UHA-6S MKII added)

    I've had my Neco V3 for 7 months now and it gets better every week. Its a shame it's not mentioned more on this forum?
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    Had my Neco V3 since November and by jiggery its still amazing.   Used in conjunction with my trusty HD 25 l- ll's it is pure pleasure every time I travel into work on the train and spark it up.   I can honestly say I never tire of listening to it. Even non ALAC/FLAC albums sound airy...
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    Quote: Of course those of us that have had them a while and have electronic qualifications (I have several) realise that you are correct and that changing the cable is a fruitless endeavor.   If you actually hear a difference then you either 'want to' or you need to have your mind...
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    Quote: That's exactly how I felt and indeed still do many months of happy listening later. Best decision I ever made buying the HD 25's...!
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    Review : Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

    I don't think how many people realise how good these babies can sound straight out of the box.   Forget the changes. These puppies sound great with any reasnable front end. I use mine with a Neco soundlab v3 and an Ipod 5g.   Forget all the cable changes just enjoy the music. Now mine is...
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    I've had my HD25's for about 6 months now and they still amaze me with the quality they produce. They take me into another world on my daily train commute. It also helps that they look understated as you can get robbed quite easily on my train journey up to London. I would hate to be wearing a...
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    Pictures Of Your Portable Rig (part XV)

    I do like the look of those 'yotank' cases but they don't seem to sell one for the ipod 5th gen 60g video. Oh hum...
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    THE best female vocals? (your favorite female singers)

    Melody Gardot
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    Best headphones under 225$

    Sennheiser HD25-1-II   Closed headphone Good isolation Good for rock. Sound a bit Gradoish (I assume as you own some you like that)   On Amazon now for $199.95 Down from $269.95 ($70 off)
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    I must be one of the few that find the pleather pads comfortable. Then again I do have the head of a fish.
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    HD25-1: Yummy

          Quote:   I have the same reaction everyday I put these babies on my head. I too want to grab random strangers (generally not a good idea in London) and say 'listen to this amazing sound' It has renewed my interest in music like no other piece of audio equipment I have...
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Quote: Aftershock is probably one of the most emotional films ever made. I too blubbed several times during the film.   A must see...!!!
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    Review by 'Thing Fish' on item 'Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone'

    I bought these puppies just before Christmas and they have been a revelation.   I can't tell you how much they suit my listening tastes. I love close listening with lots of treble and tight bass and these deliver this in abundance.   Never before have I been this sad to take a pair of...