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    DENAFRIPS Terminator: the King of R2R dac

    So the regular Terminator with OCXO upgraded clocks then?
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    Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

    For the easier cables like the Draug, it usually ships quickly. For the harder to make cable, like the SIlvergarde, yeah it will take awhile.
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    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    It does leaks sound, but I feel it's much less loud than the Sennheiser HD800 & HE1000 to other people. When I took it off my head, the loudness was closer to a semi-closed back headphone. You hear sound, but it isn't blaring throughout the room. The HD800 & HE1000 on the other hand were as loud...
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    You mean like a RCA to XLR cable like this It would work fine.
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    There are a LOT of quality alternatives for power cables UNDER $1,000. Anything over & you are paying for branding & marketing.
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    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    From Stereophile Jeez, I think you'll have the record for testing them out with the most expensive/heaviest/high powered amp available. I do hope you report back your impressions.
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    Audio-GD DI-20

    Just get a RCA to BNC adapter Hook it up to one end of the cable & use it as a coax cable.
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    New denafrips DDC (Iris and Gaia)

    Did you have any other DDC to compare to?
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    Audio-GD DI-20

    Anyone try the OCXO clocks from aliexpress? They definitely look like a step up from the eBay ones
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    UpTone JS-2 versus Paul Hynes SR-7

    I think the SR7 is generally considered better, but the cost is nearly twice for a two rail version. Plus the long wait times. Expect several months before you get one shipped.
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    Hifiman HE1000-SE

    You obviously haven't heard the Raal Sr1a. :relaxed:
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    Which DAC for BHSE

    For that price range, I would say the Matrix X-Sabre Pro if you want a more analytical sound. The Schiit Gungnir Multibit if you want a more musical sound. The Dangerous Convert-2 if you want a more dynamic sound.
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    New denafrips DDC (Iris and Gaia)

    Definitely pricey.
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    Myths and realities about Chinese amplifiers from Opera Audio .

    He bought a Opera Consonance Cyber 845 mono tube amp & it was complete junk. Badly packaged, badly made & cheap parts. That brand sells itself as a higher end brand in China, He also owned a much cheaper Chinese made Yarland 845 amplifier, which was much better made in every way. Moral of the...