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    Argghhh! My cat chewed my Hakko!

    Show the cat what a soldering iron is used for. Solder its' teeth shut
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    What do you listen in?

    Okay, I a little vague, but, when you are just relaxing, listening to music, what do you sit, lay, maybe stand, on? I am trying to find one of those big "swivel-glove chairs". You know, where the cushion sort of envelopes the area around you and the base is made out of whicker or polished...
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    rio: too good to be true deal?

    Personally, I never buy anything off eBay where the seller is located in China.
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    Encoding in Ogg Vorbis

    I am trying to encode my cds to OGG for my Karma... I have EAC and GT3 I need ID3 tags for use on my Karma but I hear that it may screw up OGG What do I need to do?
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    The Sony Nudes have a short cord.
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    Choice between phones.. Source: Karma

    I would like to keep the price *around* $50. But obviously I would be willing to stretch it out. Isolation isn't a huge thing for me, but it needs to be reasonable. Yes, the Koss 35/50's sound good but they have no isolation at all. The 497's offer at least some isolation.
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    iPod mini announced

    They shall destroy the competition with there new headphones which destroy all "rebel" Mp3 players
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