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Aug 2, 2019
Aug 5, 2012
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Spidermeng Send PM

100+ Head-Fier

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Aug 2, 2019
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Fitear MH335DW
    Fitear MH334
    Fitear 334

    e☆イヤホン SW-HP11

    ------- Happy Ending -------

    64audio A18
    Fitear 334 Premium
    Fitear Melomane - again
    Fitear 334 - again
    Fitear 334 - again
    64audio 1964v6
    64audio 1964Q
    Fitear Fitear
    Fitear Melomane
    Mr Speaker Alpha Dog
    Fitear 334 - again
    Roxanne Universal
    Fitear 334 with 000 Cable
    Shure se535
    Shure se425
    Westone 3

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ///
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Mass Kobo 395
    Aroma A10 (Jovial TK modded version)
    真空管アンプ Phonoka
    Royal Penguin Amp (Designed by Robert Gehrke)

    ------- Happy Ending -------

    Aroma A10 (ELNA Cap modded version)
    Portaphile Micro 627bps
    The International+
    RSA The Intruder - White
    Meier Audio Quickstep
    JDS Lab O2
    RSA The Intruder - Black
    Leckerton UHA-6S Mk.II
    JDS Lab c421
    Alo Audio Rx-mk3 B

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ///
    Source Inventory:
    Sony NW-WM1Z
    Ibasso DX200
    Hibino HDP-R10

    ------- Happy Ending -------

    Astel&Kern AK100 B-SPEC
    Astel&Kern AK100 Silver Edition
    Ibasso Mini Audio DX100
    Astel&Kern AK100 Gold Edition
    Chord Mojo - again
    Fiio X1
    RWAK100S - again
    RWAK120B Titan
    Altmann Tera Player
    Astell&Kern AK100 II X HCC
    Astel&Kern AK100 Mark 2
    Chord Mojo
    Astel&Kern AK320
    Aurender Flow - Sold
    Astel&Kern AK240
    Hibino HDP-R10
    Chord Hugo
    MSAK100 - WM8741SW -
    JDS Lab Odac
    Astel&Kern AK10
    Astel&Kern AK120
    Astel&Kern AK100
    Ibasso DX100
    Fostex HP-P1

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ///
    Cable Inventory:
    Whiplash TWAU Fitear 3.5mm
    Whiplash TWAU Fitear 2.5mm TRRS

    Brise Audio MURAKUMO-CONV 2.5mm to 4.4mm
    Brise Audio UPG001CONV 2.5mm to 3.5mm
    Brise Audio SHINKAI mini-mini

    PW AUDIO 2.5mm to 4.4mm Adapter

    Crystal Cable Piccolo Ultra Short Interconnect
    Crystal Cable Piccolo Diamond Interconnect
    Tube Fans Audio Mundorf Interconnect
    Labkable Silver Gold 8 Wire Interconnect
    Mezzo Soprano RSA > Right angle 3.5mm TRRS Cardas Hybrid interconnect

    ------- Happy Ending -------

    PW AUDIO 1960s Fitear 2.5mm balanced
    PW AUDIO No.5 JP ver. 2pin 2.5mm balanced
    Brise Audio UPG001CONV Rh+ 2.5mm to 4.4mm
    Brise Audio flex001 MMCX
    Whiplash Twag v2 ciem TRRS
    Whiplash Twau Fitear TRRS
    Fitear 001 Oyaide
    Fitear 001 RSA
    Mezzo Soprano RSA > 3.5mm TRRS interconnect
    Estron Linum 2 pin Vocal
    Estron Linum BaX
    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3
    Alo SXC 22 Interconnect
    Toxic Interconnect
    BTG Starlight for 334
    BTG Sunrise for 334
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