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    Quote: Originally Posted by 19lexicon78 always wanted a mx-leader or a ciocc EL/os confente would also be ok. Good taste sir! I managed to get hold of an MX Leader frame in my size a couple of years ago, and have been slowly buying parts for it ever since. Not long now until...
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    Grime, any recommendations

    Dizzee's made some great tunes! Some seem to like Lethal Bizzle, but all he seems to say is POW? Skepta seems quite popular and plastic man? Not that into it my self, think I prefer some of the old school UK garage. Dubbledge made quite a funny grime song to show how simple grime is...
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    Grado SR60 to SR225(i) or Senn 595?

    Got mine from my local hi-fi shop here in the UK, maybe worth checking? Could also try a post in the classifieds? I've only just found this site but it seems that people are always changing bowls and pads ect. someone might have a pair kicking about they could let you have for nothing or...
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    What music do you use to test new headphones?

    I haven't really tested very much unfortunately but I reckon Sinnerman by Nina Simone would be on my test disc, its got a bit of everything! (apart from maybe bass). Hard to still still while your listening to it though, especially once it all starts layering up again after the hand claps! Dead...
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    Best sounding albums on headphones

    I've only got really basic speakers so I almost exclusivly listen on my SR80, and some really old sony jobs that are unfortunately now broken but were closed back and great for a bit of base. At the moment I keep putting on: Used to like on the closed Sony's: Scientist: Rids the World of...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Jolene by Dolly Parton and Shake by Laurel Aitken they're both stuck in my head so I'm listening to them until I get sick of them and they get out of my head.
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    Grado SR60 to SR225(i) or Senn 595?

    I reckon you've made a good call with the bowls. I've owned my grado SR80's for 5 years now, there only my second pair of headphones ever, and I really like how they sound. I did fancy change though, and bought some bowls for them a few years back, and they really do make a difference, I...