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  1. 64 Audio U12 / U12T EU

    I'm interested in 64 Audio U12 or U12T version. Like new or excellent condition and shipping to Spain. If you are interested let me know. Best
  2. Hifiman Arya like new, warranty EU

    Less than 2 month old, like new condition. TOTL, maybe the best headphones I´ve heard. I purchased them from Amazon warehouse in like new condition, 1 year warranty. It includes original box, cable and invoice for warranty. Price shipped too most EU countries (ask me before to check it). Paypal...
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    Samsung Galaxy S7 - Best next audiophile phone?

    I´m reading thread, but I can´t do S7 works with an iBasso D-Zero mkII without USB audio Pro or similar. I want to use it with Spotify, but while many people posted they did it, my devide detects iBasso DAC but there is no sound. Any advice?
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    Europe Deals Thread

    Amazing price for this excellents headphones! Thanks!!!
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    LG G2 Mini-Review

    Can anyone confirm Mini version is compatible with USB DAC´s? Seems like regular G2 is, but any news about mini and reviews says it does´t have OTG feature. 
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    UM Merlin, Dream Earz AUD-5x or 1964 Ears V8

    Thanks for your impressions! V8 are receiving goods reviews, I think they would be best option for me. At $799 they are a steal.
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    Dear Spanish HeadFiers's please help me with choosing a cheap shipping method.....

    If you want, they can go to your house. I always choose this option. With this size I think price won´t be increased. 
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    Dear Spanish HeadFiers's please help me with choosing a cheap shipping method.....

    According to Correos official website, it takes about 15€ (for a small package you can send it as letter). If box is bigger, it says about 29€.   But best way for me:, where there are companies which send it between 7-12€ for 24/48 hours, awesome!
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Ok, thanks for your answer. I'm going to ask him if reshell can be done in silicone. I think this is best way too, but all of them seems great options.
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    A moment ago, Piotr from Customart has told me they can do it. I thought Unique Melody was best company for reshell them, but now I don´t know what to do, because I´m from inside Europe and companies like CustonArt and Cosmics Ears which are placed inside EU maybe are better for me. What do...
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    So sound is the same after reshell? I´m going to do a reshell, but I´m afraid of freqpahse feature. I don´t want sound or this feature changes.
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    UM Merlin, Dream Earz AUD-5x or 1964 Ears V8

    I´m thinking about to get my first pair of custom IEM, but there are so many options! I want an IEM with good bass (quality and quantity), but also as detailed as possible into $700-800 price range. After reading a lot, finalist are UM Merlin, Dream Earz AUD-7x and recently launched 1964 Ears...
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    1964 EARS V6 Thread

    I´m very interested about V6S and V8, but I can´t decide between both.   Seems like V6S is more accurate, but I´m worried about V6S sibilances and treble spikes. How do you think sibilances are compare to others IEMs like ER4P,   Also I like V8 sound signature, although there...
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    Multi-Custom In-Ear Monitor Review, Resource, Mfg List & Discussion (Check first post for review links & information)

      Thanks for your answer! Seems like aid-5X is an amazing option. I love your review about it, so I think I could be what I´m looking.         I haven´t read any review about them, but I´ll do. Price is over my budget, but if they are a serious improvement I can try to get them. THanks!