Mar 6, 2012
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    Surfing, skateboarding, Mountain biking, Biking in general, Traveling, Tinkering, Camping, Movies,
    Headphone Inventory:
    *Koss PortaPro (plastic ear-piece snapped off)
    Philips O'neil SHO9560/28
    JVC HA-S400

    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    FiiO E6
    Source Inventory:
    iPod nano 5th generation
    PS1 SCPH-1001 (The "audiophile" playstation)
    Hacked PSP w/ 32 gb storage
    Cable Inventory:
    Recabled FiiO LOD
    Monoprice Premium RCAs
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Late 70's Sony STR-V4 and some old Pioneer floor standing speakers (living room).
    DTA-100a powering a pair of Dayton Audio B652
    DTA-1 powering some second hand outdoor speakers
    Peavy Vypyr 15 AMP (guitar)
    Japaneese Fender Squire Stratocaster
    Music Preferences:
    Punk, Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock, Classical, a little bit of 'Indy', and (on occasion) some old school rap.
    80s Beach Cruiser
    1976 Raleigh Super Course MKii
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