Aug 6, 2009
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    Travel Writer & Editor
    Writing, Photography, Beer, Travel
    Headphone Inventory:
    Grado GS1000i - FS
    Grado HF-1 (#79) - FS
    Grado HF-2 (#237) - FS
    Magnum Lite v2 MS2i
    Alesssandro MS1000 (mods)
    Alessandro MS1 (given to brother)
    Head Direct RE0 (one side broken)
    UE200 ($5 shipped. Fantastic value for money!)
    AT ATH-ES7
    Head Direct RE2 (Given to mum)
    Koss Portapro
    Jabra BT620S

    Sennheiser HD800 (06066 + Cardas Single Ended)
    Grado RS2
    Sennheiser HD650
    Alessandro MS2i
    AKG K1000 (11xxx + Black Dragon) - miss these cans!
    AKG 701 (twice)
    Shure SH840
    Etymotic ER4 P/S
    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Melos Maestro (Fallen Angel mods)
    B22 (Single ended)
    Jaycar Amp AK SCHA mods (FS)
    Aleph Mini Preamp & Heaphone amp (needs a case, can drive K1000)
    Fiio E1
    Home-made PPAV2 amp

    YMB B22 (Steve Kelby mods) - 3 channel, single ended output, S22; Go-Vibe Petite Amp/DAC; Penguin Caffeine Amp; Fiio E5; Lehmann Rhinelander; Yulong UA188; SPL Auditor; Grado RA1; RSA Predator (two-tone)
    Source Inventory:
    Gigawork upsampling Dac (see ZenDac...mine keeps breaking)
    M2 Tech Hiface RCA; EMU 0404 USB; Fiio D3 (fantastic value!)

    Dell Mini 10V Hackintosh (music ripped lossless to external 1TB Samsung EcoGreen drive)
    Macbook Air + PureMusic Player

    Phone 4 16gb; iPhone 3GS 32GB; iPod Nano 16GB 5th Gen; iPod Classic 120GB 5th Gen; iRiver Slim X; Marantz CD67SE; Playstation 1 (various models); iPod 10GB 1st Gen (still works!).

    Musical Fidelity V-Dac
    Cambridge DACmagic
    Monica 2
    Nuforce uDac
    Nuforce Icon
    Devilsound Dac 2.0
    CEntrance Dacport
    Cable Inventory:
    JPS Superconductor Interconnects; Fallen Angel crafted 18awg cardas copper interconnects with Yarbo plugs; Audiocats crafted 22awg silver interconnects with Neutrik plugs
    Power-Related Components:
    Cardas Twinlink power cord; Iron lung power cord; Chinese-made power cord (OFC)

    Power Conditioner (some Chinese brand).
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Onkyo ND-S1 dock (Better value than the Wadia!)

    Slimdevices Squeezebox 3 w Boulder Digital Mod
    Slimdevices Squeezebox 2 stock
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Foobar + ASIO4ALL/WASAPI
    Amarra Music Player
    Puremusic Player
    Music Preferences:
    Most things. At least once.
    Olympus EP-1 (17mm pancake lens)
    GF-1 (20 f1.7 lens, LVF-1)
    Lonely Planet's Asia Pacific Travel Editor.


    Feedback: ...Work: MB Air > EMU-04040 > B22 > Grado HF1/2 or Superlux HD668B (!). Home: iPod classic->Onkyo ND-S1->ZenDac OEM->Melos Maestro->GS1000i/Magnum Symphones. Portable -> iPod Mini 16gb -> Fiio E1 -> UETF10
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