Oct 8, 2002
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Looking for a new one at the moment...

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    Looking for a new one at the moment...
    Girls, skateboarding, headphones, and fun!
    -See either my Facebook page at
    or my website at
    Headphone Inventory:
    -Sennheiser HD580's (600 Grilles, 650 Cables, 580 headband and driver)
    -Grado SR60 (soon to mod. Shhh! Don't tell anyone but this is a surprise!:))
    -Altec Lansing im716 (with pretty much all the tips out there besides custom molds)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    - Z-Audio Mu (dual AD823, interchangeable) from Zemo at Powerful, accurate, reliable, and compact.
    Source Inventory:
    -Power Mac G5, Late 2005 dual core 2.3
    (uses Crystal Semiconductor CS84xx for the front and Burr-Brown PCM 3052 for the rear, has a 24bit/96khz sampling limit and currently unsure which end has cleaner output.)
    Cable Inventory:
    -Cardas HPI 12" mini to mini cable
    -many types of Acoustic Research cable
    Power-Related Components:
    -10 outlet AR surge protector
    Other Audio Equipment:
    -Sherwood RD-7103 receiver (needs changed out for a 5.1/6.1 reciever with a blu-ray drive.)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    -Jeez, what don't I totally customize?;)
    Music Preferences:
    -All sorts, see my Facebook page for more at
    -PS2 Slim (Changing that up to a 20GB early model PS3 when finances permit doing so.)
    -Onyx Nintendo DS Lite hot rodded to rival the iPhone- it plays more formats than anybody but its sound quality pales compared to my Power Mac G5.
    Writer. Artist. Photographer. Skater. ThunderCat. Crazed lunatic. The one and only. Since 1984.


    Have you stumbled across this ancient post and think that Seeberg is a kook and/or should get back to being a HeadFi regular? If so, email him and demand his comeback (He may also have nothing else to do)!
    "Art is anything, everything, perhaps the one important thing, that sets the soul free." ~Abe
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