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    Comment by 'ScubadudeSA' on listing 'PS Audio GCHA Headphone amplifier and DAC'

    The GCHA was built before balanced headphones became a thing, so balanced refers to inputs only. Early models had only RCA, balanced XLR was added later along with power switch, two notable omissions on the first release.
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    Comment by 'ScubadudeSA' on listing 'PS Audio GCHA headphone amplifier'

    Hahaha ... snap! My office system is GCHA (Gotcha as I call it) with HD600. Source is an early Modi 2 Uber which is a good step-up from the extremely crude on-board DAC in the GCHA. The amp section is truly magnificent though.
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    Looking for successor for HD600/HD6XX – Auditioned LCD -X vs. HD800 vs. Arya vs. Ananda vs. SR L300 vs. SR L500

    I once sold my HD600's because I thought they were too similar to the HD800. I have since bought another pair or two - no collection should be without an HD600. As for possible upgrade from HD600, I rate these highly: HD800 - better detail, transparency and attack than HD600. Almost as...
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    Official Unofficial 8XX Discussion Thread - UPDATE SENNHEISER HAS BEEN SOLD!!! GT(heck)IH

    Let me get this straight. Drop the fancy box, drop the balanced cable, drop the price, drop the cash and wait for a November shipment. Hell no way! May be a great second hand buy though.
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    Lotoo Paw 6000 (2019)

    I've given up on finding a way to do custom EQ. So I was super happy to read this post. Except in the settings menu my EQ Setting and ATE options are greyed out. Any ideas? EDIT: this may help ...
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    The Stax SR-L500 and SR-L700 Impressions Thread

    About two years ago I picked up an SRS-2170 BNIB and have been enjoying the startling realism it offers ever since ... well intermittently than continuously, as I have way too many headphones. Along the way, I also picked up a set of "New" SR3 and SRD-5. These are in need of some TLC - the...
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    Topping A90

    If you buy used it does. Other than that we only know for a fact that this month's $499 FOTM sounds worse than next month's flavour ... and you just don't understand by how much .. chalk and cheese, day and night!
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    Krell KSA 5 Clone (China)

    I picked up this one on a trip to China last year ... I had none of the major or minor problems the OP raised. The only issue I have is that the casework is made from a relatively soft grade of ali, and thus prone to scratches. And plugging in...
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    PS Audio GCHA = Aural Bliss

    Necroposting to say I picked up a minty GCHA tonight ... It is one of the very early models with RCA line level inputs only. The amp section, while being 15 years old, has aged incredibly well. I find it quite simply the most unfatiguing amp I have heard, including some tippy top valve jobs...
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    Volumio Primio network streamer impressions Great write-up @wietschebehr !
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    HD800 cable reterminate headphone end

    That much I understand. The intention is not to simply resolder the connectors - that will leave the Y piece too short and the sheath will keep splitting. I want to shorten the cable by half and want to rebuild the entire headphone end.
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    HD800 cable reterminate headphone end

    Hi all, I tried searching but found nothing I could use. I have two HD800 cables that have perished (and have intermittent drop-outs) in the section between the Y-joint and the ear-cup connector. I understand this is a fairly common problem on older HD800's. Apart from the perished outer...
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    Need recommendations for great budget earphones/portable headphones

    Hifiman RE400 is not bargain basement but good value option.
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    k1000 owners club

    I've seen a discussion on budget amps for the K1000 - not sure it was on this thread or another. I had pretty satisfying results with the Matrix HPA-3B ... Fairly even tonal quality throughout the range, reasonably punchy if not the last word in outright dynamics, and transparent enough. No...
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    Breaking-in headphones, the final verdict!

    Did not read the whole thing, but if we take burn-in seriously, at what point does wear-out start deteriorating sound? Not just earpads but the drivers as well.