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    Audiophiles in Dubai?

    Just a 6 day visit. Looking forward to it!    Hotels are undecided at the moment. 
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    Audiophiles in Dubai?

    Going to the big Dubai soon. I need hotel, sites, food, and bar suggestions from local Dubai'ers. PM me or post here. Lay it on me! 
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    Ear cleaning...

    A monthly spritz of Thompson's Water Seal and a salt spoon to dislodge the rooted stuff. 
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    2012 College Football Thread

    What the USC v. Stanford game could use is more turnovers. 
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    RUles for Trade forum???

    Someone should ban that idiot. 
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    can there be too much Head-Fi?

    Quote:   I would like to smoke cigarettes behind the bleachers with you. 
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    Who uses Q-tips?

    Q-tips are fine.  Don't use them if you don't have sense enough to get out of the rain. 
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    Question about SingPost International Service

    You would have been better off asking him to fashion a raft from 2 liter bottles, have him place the item atop the newly fashioned raft, and push it in  Grenada's general direction.    My experience with Singpost in the last two years has as disappointing as manure in your socks. 
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    Who would win in a fight between Hulk and Superman?

      Quote: Still as true today as then.