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    Klipsch R6i and Westone Adventure ADV Alpha?

    Since I'm looking for a good IEM's that work well with my 7G iPod nano, 4G iPod touch and iPhone 6, I have interest in the models mentioned in the subject title header.   Are they alternatives in the same price range that is better? And not require the need for a portable headphone amplifier?
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    Portable headphone amp with iPhone/iPod inline controls on amp?

    While I am very interested in a portable amp for a headphone, I need to ask this question: does anyone make a portable amp with the in-line iPhone/iPod compatible inline controls on the amp box itself, one that can adjust the volume, start/stop and skip tracks on the Apple device itself?   If...
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    Amy Winehouse, RIP…

    Why the record company or her agent didn't get her into a hospital for serious substance abuse rehab--especially after her disastrous performances in Serbia a month ago--still bothers me. Winehouse is a very talented singer whose career was derailed by substance abuse--the same thing that killed...
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    Shure SE115 Vs Panasonic RP-HJE900 or something else up to 80 dolars

    In the end, I think the best US$80 IEM is either the Klipsch Image S4 or the Head Direct RE0. Based on my experience with the Image S4i, I'll take the Image hands down, mostly because you don't need a external headphone amp to get decent volume levels. Mind you, I'd recommend replacing the...
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    Mini-Review: iBasso T3 portable amp

    I'm seriously considering getting the iBasso T3 with their CB05 cable to work with my iPods. There's a reason for this: I just got the Etymotic Research mc3 headset and it really needs more headphone amp "oomph" to make that IEM sound better. So is the T3 a good match for the mc3?
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    Assistance - Good SQ Mid Priced IEM's with in-line Mic

    I JUST got the Etymotic Research mc3 headset and once I switched over to the Comply Tx-100 ear tips , it is now my favorite IEM.  Sure, the bass is not as strong as the Klipsch Image S4i, but it is very clear and "tight," unlike the somewhat overemphasized and slightly muddy bass of the Image...
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    Best earphones for listening to metal...

    Here's my choice, since you don't need an iPod/iPhone style in-line controller:   Etymotic Research mc5   I just got the related Etymotic mc3 headset (essentially an mc5 with in-line iPod/iPhone controls) and love them for their flat, neutral response.
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    Shure Olives

    Quote: If you have the Etymotics ER-4 series, hf2/hf5 series or mc5 earphone, I'd recommend switching to at least the medium size Shure olives designed for the Shure SE series earphones. The problem with the Etymotic dual-flange ear tips is you have to REALLY insert them deep in the ear...
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    advice needed: etymotic hf5 vs shure se210

    Very good choice in choosing the Etymotic hf5. I'd recommend using the Comply T-100 or Tx-100 ear tips for the hf5, which provide a better seal for clearer bass and better noise isolation. Mind you, I'm waiting for the mc3 or the new, improved hf2 with its better in-line controls because I...
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    which iem: Monster Turbine, klipsch S4i, Sennheiser IE7, Denon ??

    If you don't mind losing the in-line controller functionality, I'd go with the Sennheiser IE7. I recently heard the IE7 and it is an excellent IEM, though here in the USA is it quite pricey (the price is US$170). But if you do want to maintain the in-line controller functionality...
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    Recommend IEM under $100 for iPhone

    I'd go with the Klipsch Image S4i because you can continue to use the phone function of your iPhone since the Image S4i has iPhone compatible controls.
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    Seeking to step up from CX-300s and iPod nano.

    My answer is simple: Klipsch Image S4i, since you have a 4G iPod nano. Mind you, I'd recommend using the Comply T-100 or Tx-100 ear tips, since they provide better fit and better noise isolation (on average!) than the Klipsch-provided ear tips.
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    LOTR Blu Ray trilogy on amazon

    I just got a Sony 40" LCD HDTV. I'll wait for the Blu-ray Extended Editions.