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    Klipsch R6i and Westone Adventure ADV Alpha?

    Since I'm looking for a good IEM's that work well with my 7G iPod nano, 4G iPod touch and iPhone 6, I have interest in the models mentioned in the subject title header.   Are they alternatives in the same price range that is better? And not require the need for a portable headphone amplifier?
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    Portable headphone amp with iPhone/iPod inline controls on amp?

    While I am very interested in a portable amp for a headphone, I need to ask this question: does anyone make a portable amp with the in-line iPhone/iPod compatible inline controls on the amp box itself, one that can adjust the volume, start/stop and skip tracks on the Apple device itself?   If...
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    Buying portable or in-ear headphones? Seeking guidance? DON'T START A NEW THREAD. Ask for advice HERE!

    I'm right now looking for something that is the equivalent of the Klipsch Image One between US$140 and U$180 that has a built-in iPod compatible in-line controller and is efficient enough to be driven directly by the iPod's own headphone output. Any suggestions?
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    EarPods - Apples newest entry into IEM

    I'm listening to the EarPods and frankly, I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. It's a gigantic leap over the old Apple earbuds, and bass to midrange is actually decent for a change. And efficiency is not bad--I only needed a tad more volume level to get the same volume level I...
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    Just got Klipsch Image s4i

    The Image S4i definitely does not need one--I love them because I can drive them to really high volume on my 3G and 4G iPod nanos just from the headphone output.
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    Amy Winehouse, RIP…

    Why the record company or her agent didn't get her into a hospital for serious substance abuse rehab--especially after her disastrous performances in Serbia a month ago--still bothers me. Winehouse is a very talented singer whose career was derailed by substance abuse--the same thing that killed...
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    UE Superfi 3 Studio

    I have this IEM and the biggest problem with them is the pretty difficult fitment of these IEM's--even the Comply T-500 foam ear tips only provide reasonable (at best) fit into my ears. Now, if I had custom ear tips, they would probably sound way better, but custom ear tips cost way too much money!
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    Shure SE115 Vs Panasonic RP-HJE900 or something else up to 80 dolars

    In the end, I think the best US$80 IEM is either the Klipsch Image S4 or the Head Direct RE0. Based on my experience with the Image S4i, I'll take the Image hands down, mostly because you don't need a external headphone amp to get decent volume levels. Mind you, I'd recommend replacing the...
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    Mini-Review: iBasso T3 portable amp

    I'm seriously considering getting the iBasso T3 with their CB05 cable to work with my iPods. There's a reason for this: I just got the Etymotic Research mc3 headset and it really needs more headphone amp "oomph" to make that IEM sound better. So is the T3 a good match for the mc3?
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    After three years, time for new IEMs!

    Here's my choice:   Etymotic Research mc5 (US$79)  
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    Assistance - Good SQ Mid Priced IEM's with in-line Mic

    I JUST got the Etymotic Research mc3 headset and once I switched over to the Comply Tx-100 ear tips , it is now my favorite IEM.  Sure, the bass is not as strong as the Klipsch Image S4i, but it is very clear and "tight," unlike the somewhat overemphasized and slightly muddy bass of the Image...
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    Best Upgrade from Shure SE110----Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5vi Good?

    If you don't need the inline iPod/iPhone compatible controls, I'd recommend the Etymotic Research MC5 for US$80.
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    Best earphones for listening to metal...

    Here's my choice, since you don't need an iPod/iPhone style in-line controller:   Etymotic Research mc5   I just got the related Etymotic mc3 headset (essentially an mc5 with in-line iPod/iPhone controls) and love them for their flat, neutral response.
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    [My First Review] Etymotic MC3 (MC5) - Going In Deep. 56k Warning!

    Good review on the Etymotic MC3.    Question though: has anyone tried a third-party ear tip such as the Comply T-100 or Tx-100 or the Shure medium foam sleeves designed for the Shure SE-series IEM's? I have a set of Comply Tx-100 ear tips and it'll be nice if I can use them with the MC3.
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    Do IEM'S consider as more accurate than full size headphones in general?

    In my personal opinion, NO! Full-sized headphones with their much larger drivers generally produce much more accurate bass and treble--even my old Sony MDR-V6 (which recently got a new set of earpads) still sounds way better than the vast majority of IEM's out there.