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    Rio Karma replacment?

    Sure came close. If you mean a large capacity player true second generation Karma, then no, it never happened. In the vibez, the Karma's interface and software features definitely evolved but in a much smaller package. The vibez lacks the RCA out and ethernet features of the Karma's dock...
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    In Rememberance of the Rio Karma

    Quote: Originally Posted by rxxdoc I'm sorry, but I have to warn everyone that the Trekstor's hard drive will crap out on them and that Trekstor has really bad customer service. Don't believe me, then go to riovolution and look how many people had their hard drive die on them. Some with...
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    In Rememberance of the Rio Karma

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ingo Yep... I've spent hours browsing that article. There were some SERIOUS fanboys of the Karma (including me) for good reason. One thing that's not in there: Purely by accident, if you really, really wanted to, you could create nested...
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    Whatever Happened to the Flash Version of the Trekstor Vibez?

    And -
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    Safety of EQ-ing!

    This should help, too: 5-band (fully parametric) EQ Tutorial (and notes on Shure e3 headphones) - Riovolution
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    Favorite portable player?

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    TrekStor vibez going flash.

    Quote: Originally Posted by dissembled What the? Where is this flash players of theirs? I've looked everywhere but can't find it. When is it ever coming out? I think the general consensus now is that it never will come out. Amazon and J&R had been taking pre-orders on the 8 GB...
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    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB

    Amazon in the US says "1-3 weeks". Amazon in Germany says "1-2 months." TrekStor support says, "There are no updates at this time, but we'll keep you posted." Ridiculous.
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    Does Sansa Clip play FLAC files?

    If you're using WMP to transfer, then that's probably the problem. Try these: Directshow Filters for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora and FLAC :: Main / HomePage WMP Tag Support Extender - Home
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    Need a MP3 with multiple playlist and lossless support

    I know of four options: -Used Rio Karma -Used TrekStor vibez -Rockbox -Or join the few remaining optimists that believe the new flash vibez will actually be available someday somewhere. Have to correct myself, don't the Sansa Fuze and/or Clip support flac now? I'm sure there are others, too.
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    To raise 8k frequencies on a 5-band equalizer

    Pick up a new flash vibez (if they ever actally become available) and set the center frequency on one of the bands to 8k then adjust the width and gain as appropriate. The Karma should also allow you to set an 8k band, but I'd have to double check.
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    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB

    You can pre-order the 8 and 16, but they're still not in stock anywhere and probably won't be in time for Christmas. The 32 is vaporware.
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    Best SQ DAP playing flac

    Don't know how the SQ compares to a Rockboxed iMod, but I think a flash modded Rio Karma is worth mentioning. I'm also a huge fan of the vibez, but they're really really hard to find. (The new flash versions still aren't in stock anywhere and won't be in time for Christmas.)
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    Help syncing Sansa Clip in WMP - newbie

    Just curious, did this work for you?
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    Rio Carbon: a few technical questions

    No idea. I only know about the one or two threads on the empeg board I linked above. Good luck.