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    Do I really need an Amp?

                  I have a pair of Sonys and I was wondering if I really need an Amp, I mean it's really good enough as it is plus is wouldn't be practical to carry it around if lets say I go out or something like that. In terms of practical use, is it really worth it?
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    Best under £20 earphones?

    Can't give you much info about the others cause I don't know much, the ones i'm using are these ( their pretty durable I'm still using it, I'm using it for rough purposes like cycling not much noise insulation but i use it for cycling like I said. I have...
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    Best under £20 earphones?

    If you're looking for any earphones make sure you're looking at closed earphones like the ones with the rubber tips for noise isolation. Unless you do sport like cycling and you need to hear traffic coming by I recommend open dynamic models. I recommend brands like Sony, trust it with my life =D
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    My Headphones =D
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