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    Comment by 'reeltime' on listing 'Noble Sultan "Wizard" custom faceplate'

    I would have a hard time letting these go. I would buy— but I already have a purple set!
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    Comment by 'reeltime' on listing 'Noble Sultan "Wizard" custom faceplate'

    Best sounding IEM I've heard. Nice faceplate, too.
  3. Chord Hugo 2

    Hey folks! I'm selling my Chord Hugo 2. If you follow my YouTube channel, I just picked up the TT2/M Scaler combo, and the Hugo 2 is no longer of use to me. Great unit-- comes with the original box and everything included from the factory. There is a small nick on the top cover in the...
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    SOLD: Empire Ears Odin (Founder's Edition)

    Empire Ears Odin Founder's Edition #088. In perfect condition. Never used the eartips. Kept as pristine as possible for the next owner. PM me for details.
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    OMG. How did I screw this up? Sorry guys.
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    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Ha! Not true! I wanted something visual that would hold the audience's attention and keep it interesting! I promise you I was regretting not having done a zoom interview on camera, about halfway through transcribing, it made this episode a lot trickier to finish. I was annoyed that my software...
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    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Taks have solid reliability and phenomenal sound. Good choice!
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    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Yes I bought both the 300 and 274 from there. They're in Canada.
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    Drop x HiFiMAN HE-5XX

    Broke these down. Short answer: It's complicated.
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    Woo Audio WA5/WA5 LE owners

    Uh-Oh... Trouble with the WE 300B.
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    you must keep two headphones only

    Currently for me it would be the Utopia and the KSE-1500. But this changes every few days. The Odin is hard to pass up.
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    Focal Utopia General Discussion

    Another dumb video.