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    Grado SR225 Thread

    Yeah, the cumbersome cord is the only mod I have left to make to mine.  I replaced the headband with the Sony, got the yellow foam pads and covered them with the chenille covers in dark blue.  One day I'll be done modding them and just sit and listen to them :p
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    Bluetooth for the Gym

    I'm looking for preferably IEMs that I can use at the gym on machine while listening to my tablet (which I can't exactly stick in my pocket).  I have a pair of older Moto ROKRs and the background hum drives me nuts!  I mean, they are BlueTooth, why are they humming as if there is line noise?  ...
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    why people perfer y-cord more than j-cord?

    For IEMs, Y-Cord.   For full-size, I prefer a J if the cord isn't to heavy.  I couldn't imagine my Grado 225i with a J using the freak'n pythons they have on this thing.  But my "Skype" headphones at home are J cord and wonderful because of that.  I doubt the cable could handle the signal...
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    Where to buy M50s

    I see $159 for new and $105 for refurbs
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    Lady Ga Ga Is Now The New Singer For The Band Queen

    The thing is, how would this advance her career?  She could do Queen covers in her own concerts without tying herself to the band... 
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    Rush - Time Machine Tour 2011

    You can see it in theaters for a VERY limited number of performances
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    What have your experiences been at Carnegie Hall?

    In addition, during a live concert you can tune the experience by turning your head!  I'm sure a great home system can do the same thing...   However, a live performance sounds exactly like it is supposed to because it IS the source!  There is also that whole visual aspect as well :D  
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    Grado SR225i + G-Cush, Opinions?

    I've realized that the L's hurt because I wear glasses.  No matter how I position them they hurt in 10 minutes or less.   I have the HD414 pads on order and if they work out I will try dying them.
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    Grado SR225i + G-Cush, Opinions?

    Search for the win!   I was seriously thinking of investing the $45 in the G-Cush pads when I found this thread.    If only the HD414 pads came in another color!
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    M6 fit issues.

    Sony Hybrids work well for me.  None of the stock tips worked at all for me.
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    Getting "called-out" for not wearing the Beats

    Quote: Head is down.  Horrible heel-strike. Wearing full sized cans instead of IEMs.   This is a photo-op, not a serious runner...   Actually, is that Fergie?
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    Shure E2c or Monster Turbine?

    I'd go with the Turbine Pro over the e2c.  As much as I prefer the e2c for fit (once they are in, the over the ear style just works), the lack of bass is what drove me to these forums in the first place.  Turbine Pros have the balls to properly present heavier music but they do get a little...
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    Looking for the "Best" recordings of the usual classical favorites.

    Well, it has been an eye-opener.  I finally have equipment that is revealing just how poor my old "Music Club" Classical CDs really are.  I always suspected they weren't the best, but now I can hear the flaws in the sound quality.  Worse, the arrangements were never great in the first place.  ...
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    How much improvement will these portable headphone amps affect my headphones?

    If you don't like the sound profile of the Pro's you could fiddle with EQ, but an amp won't fix them.    Sometimes the price of trendy stuff is sacrificing function for form...
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    Question about Monster Beats Tour vs. Turbine

    The Coppers are wonderfully clear compared to the somewhat muddiness of the "Grays".    This is pretty much my exact experience:   Quote: