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    J River sounds Much more Dynamic Than Foobar?

    I'm using the same settings in both programs. WASAPI Push. Bitmatched 16bit playback all lossless files. J River is much more dynamic sounding?  Any one else have the same experiences?       
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    Yamaha PRO Headphones.

    Well I just returned my pair, had them for about a week.  The clarity and separation was outstanding but I kept finding my self rasing the volume to hear the vocals and all I kept hearing was more bass and treble which lead me to my refund.    My M50's maintain more foward mids than the pro...
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    The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

    Just bought this card guys, intailly (Xonar was way to bright for my liking)  Hope the blaster delivers.
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    CD Player VS Soundcard DAC

    I will be picking up the arcam within the next couple hours, impressions soon to come. 
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    Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D 1st Impressions and Questions!

    Thanks purple!  I noticed the headphone amp on this card has a very slight hiss, while as my AX-497 has 0 his.    Thus, I will benefit here from using the an amped output to my ax-497.
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    Atom Netbook as music jukebox

    Yes the n570 and the n2600 have plenty of processing power.   2GB of ram for windows 7 is a MUST however.
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    Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D 1st Impressions and Questions!   This sound card has a headphone out that is amped, and your usual line outs.  If im going to hook this up to a speaker amp via 3.5mm to RCA cable's should I used the amped output or line out? (green jack)  (obviously the...
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    Question about headphone/speakers (SoundBlaster)

    Recently purchased a new sound card   I usually run an aux cable from my soundcard to my HI-FI AX-497 receiver and then use the 1/4th jack on the reciever to the m50s.  But now since the soundblaster has a build in amp bypassing...
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    CD Player VS Soundcard DAC

    CD player is just so much more dynamic.  (and probally suffers from  very miniscule jitter compared to the dacs.)
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