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    KG CFA3 headphone amp

    The output stage of the CFA3 doesn't really look stripped down from the CFA2 to me, but I haven't compared them closely. On the CFA3 that I worked on, I couldn't tell much if any difference between the SS vs. ZF modes either.
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    Nakamichi TA-2A speaker amp common ground??? Please help with wiring.

    Do you have a multimeter with ohms functionality? If so, check continuity between the - speaker terminals. If 0 ohms (or <1 ohm), you should be good. If not, then the - terminals are not common and the 4 pin XLR would be prudent. I'd also ask this question somewhere like diyaudio, in the Pass forum.
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    KG CFA3 headphone amp

    Not necessarily afraid of them. I've built around 5 of the SS Mini Dynalos, which are pretty much all SMD. The problems with SMD include the difficulty in troubleshooting them, parts removal/changeout (depends on device footprint), problems with matching devices (resistors/transistors), etc. An...
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    kgsshv carbon

    You could also check with Spritzer on his site:
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    "Open Alpha" T50 3D printed headphone project from MrSpeakers

    A friend of mine printed these for me using PLA (and the original files). They look a bit rough on the inside, and considerable clean-up to do on them (started half-assed on one of the cups). I should have used the modified files with the adjustable bass port, etc. Do these look worth the effort...
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    Repairing a Go-Vibe V4 headphone amp (DC jack replacement)

    I'd probably use the 3rd jack you list. The higher current spec just means the jack can handle more current than the other 2 will. Absolutely no effect here, and might last longer. As long as it is physically the same, should work fine.
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    Jade II Tear-Down Rebuttal

    TEAMHifiman: From Shakespeare: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" Post a schematic (or at least a partial) so that people can actually evaluate the claims. Or stop posting about it. Your posts provide no substantive rebuttal, and those who know electrostats and amp topologies and have...
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    Headphone cable didn't have 4 cores like I to use a common ground with a replacement 2.5mm balanced TRRS plug?

    Absolutely not (sorry). For a balanced amp, these are not grounds but amplified minus signals, 180 degrees out of phase with the positive signals for each channel. The amp would not take kindly to having these shorted together. 4 wires is a must.
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    Advice Wanted: Audio Alchemy DAC Damaged?

    I would probably check both D13 and D14. As for U6, you should see if you can read any part numbers on them as whatever they are, they are probably available thru Mouser, etc.
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    Is there a better opamp than the OPA627 ?

    The AD8610 is the single version of this opamp.
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    Is there a better opamp than the OPA627 ?

    I guess that is reasonable for a necro-thread. You did use the dual to single adapter for the AD8620 didn't you? It is a dual opamp and the amp appears to be setup for a single? Dual and single don't have the same pinout.
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    Help me troubleshoot Dac/Amp problem!

    Take a hair dryer or heatgun to it when it is occurring. Then try freeze spray or canned air. ALO? Good luck...
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    need help with wiring a 2.5mm connector

    You can't do stereo balanced with a TRS (the L and R - signals cannot be connected together). I presume the 2.5mm are for the headphone ends? If so, you would only be using one + and one - to each (L and R channels). The + goes to the tip (T), and the - goes to the sleeve (S). If this is for the...
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    Help me troubleshoot Dac/Amp problem!

    My first guess, barring Win10 driver issues, would be bad solder joint(s), given that it only happens once it heats up. If you have some canned air or freeze spray, and can operate it with the cover off, you could spray that around and see if it changes things to narrow down where it might be...
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    Diy cable adaptor help

    Have a Harbor Freight near you? Or most hardware stores should have a cheap multimeter. For a 3 pole jack, there won't be "pairs"; there will be a left (tip of plug), right (ring of plug) and 2 "grounds" (sleeve of plug). The left wire will become the L+, the right wire the R+. The other 2 it...