Dec 17, 2012
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IT. Can't stand computers though, except for music. I teach percussion.

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New Head-Fier, Male

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    IT. Can't stand computers though, except for music. I teach percussion.
    songwriting, humbly studying music production, shredding the pow
    snowboarding, playing music, dogs, family, helping people with addiction. Being a gigging musician brought me through some crazy moments and to some crazy places its been two years since I've used opiates if anybody needs help or advice for them or another I've been there done that and can help you stop using. There are great new treatments. You can keep smoking herb too. Music is so related to drugs so I hope nobody takes offense some people can party and always be moderate but if you have a specific brain chemistry that might not make enough of just one kind of amino acid the first use of certain drugs can guarantee addiction . Once you get clean you can take that amino acid as a pill.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Audio-Technica ATH-PRO770MK2
    AKG K702 Closed-Back for reference
    AKG K550
    Pioneer DJ200
    Beats solo HD (and they RULE!)
    Sennheiser HD 280 PRO - 64 ohms
    Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones
    Sony MDR 7520
    V-MODA 100s
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E17
    Grace m903
    Source Inventory:
    DAWs - 4.5GHZ (overclocked i7 3930 3.2GHz) bad a** PC running win 7 64 Live 8 and Cubase 64bit a UAD card and
    tons of plugins and softsynths. Not really sure what this section is for so excuse me please if it sounds like I'm
    overly prideful of physical possessions. This is just all the stuff I play sound through.
    DAW - PC Laptop from ADK. i7 2.8GHz.

    DACS - for the rackmount DAW I guess it would be the unit in my RME FIREFACE 800.
    - I've been very very very happy with the M-AUDIO TRANSIT for my laptop. Not sure if its a great DAC
    - but its a sick ASIO interface very small and cheap.

    Androir RazorM. Don't love the new droid, had a droid 2, love PowerAMP, it can be a real turd polisher when needed or just bump it.

    -Ibosso DX100

    Cable Inventory:
    Just a ton of medium priced cables, I don't spend a lot on cables, but never go super cheap

    -40' extension.
    Power-Related Components:
    Furman 1500watt UPS and power conditioner
    Furman blah blah just power conditiner.

    I HIGHLY recommend anybody with any quality electronic to use something like a $120-$180 furman power condioner to protect your gear. I lost a high end PC this year and have been told by very smart folks that the power coming out of the average grid is very bad for electronics. I didn't know this before and thought expensive power strtips were ok. They aren't. Also it is best to run all the electronic components in a sound signal chain in a single room off of the same outlet (if you have the amperage obviously) I can't do that but I run like 20 devices out of two outlets.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    -JBL LSRsomething 8" studio monitors

    -Event 8" studio monitors (the discontinued ones)

    -Truck System - Memphis Audio m-class 5x7s in four door 2x600watt DBX subs under what was a comfortable back seat.
    Actually you can sit pretty comfortable and its fun to rattle around.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    On the computer tip I just always use the Texas Instruments chipset to connect to firewire interfaces.
    My windows copies are all tweaked for audio performance.
    I guess I'm not very tweaky. hah
    Music Preferences:
    RAP, hip-hop, gansta rap, trap music, southern, you know, MUSIC.
    jk, I listen to everything but I love hiphop and especially its fusion with other music from the African Diaspora. (like baiia funk in brazil, reggaeton) and even this EDMHOP going on.
    I'm really into anything bassy, just got my subs yo!

    REGGAE and everything related, dancehall, jawaiian music, I'm fascinated with sound systems and hows they are the basis of everything thats of concern on this site and since reggae spawned hiphop which is effecting every single music style it gets deep.

    COUNTRY yeah I said it. I heard that solo cup song last year and played it all summer working so on that basis I have to come out the closet and say yah, I listen to country.

    JAZZ seriously I love jazz grew up on it and love all music styles, R&B, oh i hate dylan and that american revival style thats going on i hate the banjo, back to the love, GOSPEL features the most virtuosic drumming of any music style, check it out you will find all the best African American drummers in the world playing and shredding beyond belief.
    The Ipad2 I bought my girl. I want to steal it back so bad
    I got this sick keyboard tray you can install under your desk gives you like every angle of movement. Humanscale is the maker I think. In a studio with my wireless keyboard its changed everything. This company is amazing.
    35. Took ten years to get a music degree. I drink too much cognac.
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