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    Looking for input on AKG K702

    Hi KaBAKZ   I have used my AKG K702 headphones for a few years now and I absolutely love them. These are truly great headphones.   I will now comment on the issues you have raised.   Amplification   Well I haven't heard the "magni/modi" that you have so I have no idea about that.   My...
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    Closed headphones for <$200

    I really like my AKG K 550 which seem to fulfil the criteria in the original post well.   I would question the desire for "warm" sounding headphones. Obviously "warm" can mean many things however personally I find any audio equipment that warms up the sound to be really unattractive after a...
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    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

      Well I do agree with you. The AKG K550 headphones give you terrific sound quality and isolation. There are better sounding headphones of course, but it is hard to find headphones that offer this combination of sound quality and isolation. I have never found the K550s to be bass light, however...
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    Coolest headphones for summer?

    The coolest circum-aural headphones I have are my AKG K702 headphones. These are of pretty much the same design as the K701, Q701 and several other models.   I do think that supra-aural headphones can be suited to hotter weather. I like my B & W P5 headphones in very hot weather, I have used...
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    Bluetooth Headphones' Signal Strength

      Hi   Thank you for telling me about your experiences with these headphones.   I find the AKG K845BT to be of interest because I really like my AKG K550 headphones and the AKG K845BT looks to be of a similar design.   The first priority is signal strength because of the particular use I...
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    Bluetooth Headphones' Signal Strength

      Have you any experience of the signal strength of these headphones?
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    Bluetooth Headphones' Signal Strength

      Thank you tinyman392 for this suggestion. I am checking out the Harman Kardan BT headphones now. I see that in the UK they are £219 which is do-able for me. Also I could get them from Amazon which would let me have 30 days of trial.   My Sandstrom headphones have come back to life since I...
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    Bluetooth Headphones' Signal Strength

    For some time I've been using a pair of Sandstrom SBTHP11X bluetooth headphones with my MacBook Pro. The sound quality from these is basic but I use them when watching TV programmes and doing a bit of housework at the same time. They are fine for dialogue. The headphones have died all of a...
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    I think something that is distinctive about The Beatles is how they popularised the idea of dropping out for british youth.   The Beatles did not invent dropping out but they did communicate to a great many british youths that this was a good thing to do.   If The Beatles has never existed I...
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    Roughly how many songs should I put on a CD for a demo room session

      I just take a handful of CDs that I really like. Then during the demo session I treat it just the same as if I were at home and listening to music as I wish to.   I agree with bigshot, it is best to take a lot of time. I am lucky living close to London because there are loads of Hi Fi...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

      Right now I'm on Circus Maximus. Thrilling!!!
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    Schiit or Graham Slee or Lehmann or Violectric?

      Yes, the HeadSix is old. It used to be the cheapest portable amplifier. Since a recent purchase of the B&W P5 headphones for portable use I have stopped using the HeadSix actually as the P5s sound excellent plugged straight into my iPod Touch.   My DAC is a Meier Audio StageDAC which is the...
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    Schiit or Graham Slee or Lehmann or Violectric?

    I cannot answer your question because I have no experience whatsoever of the equipment you mention.   However I can complicate things further for you by suggesting another option.   You might be interested in having a look around the Meier Audio stuff.  ...
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    Headphones vs Speakers - That Setup!

    Headphones are very different from speakers. There are some things that speakers will nearly always do better than headphones. However there are some things that headphones will nearly always do better than speakers.   In my long experience with speakers what matters the most is the quality of...