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    Looking for an IEM that fits these specific criteria..

    Needs (must-haves): - Volume, pause, and track skip controls - Very good isolation - Low microphonics/cable noise Wants (not must-haves, just preferences): - Very big soundstage.. looking for that epic feeling when you feel completely surrounded by the music       which seems to be...
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    What are the best IEMs that can be worn Straight-down and NOT Over-the-ear?

    The only high-end IEM I've owned are the Monster Coppers, which I feel pretty underwhelmed with since I was expecting a much bigger Wow-factor after reading all the hype about high-end IEMs. I want my music to wow me and I want my favorite songs to sound as if I've never truly heard them before...
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    I need to be made aware of what I am looking for in an IEM.

    I am new to high-end IEMs and have previously just used a stock car stereo or cheapo earbuds for music listening on-the-go. I've been using the Multi-IEM Review here to try and get an idea of what I want, but it has just made me realize that I don't really know what I want. The guide speaks...
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