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    Ultra-Micro fuzzy volume

    I have the problem with fuzzy volume on the Ultra-Micro and I use the "wiping the volume knob backwards and forwards" workaround. However as time goes by the problem gets worse, and the amount of time between me having to do it decreases. Surely doing this every day must be a massive source of...
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    what kind of headphones is thom yorke using here?

    Quote: Maybe he found out that they were made out of biodegradable, unbleached, vegan paper by some sustainable hippies near Oxford.   Actually that is a little baffling...
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    why do you choose headphones?

    I think angle_sh00ter made a bit of a typo when choosing his name...     Yep! The correct answer is that he meant to write: "A Massive Troll"  
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    Calling Sennheiser reps...

    I want to speak with a Sennheiser rep via PM. I have tried once but got no reply. If you are available to answer my query, please show yourselves...   Best Wishes   Noparanoia (currently experiencing Moreparanoia with every passing minute)  
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    How much should I bid...

    The only thing that worries me about 5 year old cans is the fact of buying something second had off ebay. As opposed to new from a dealer, where you get returns and a warranty. Oh well they went while I was busy chatting anyway What a massive waste of time... So based on my rushed and...
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    How much should I bid...

    I love classical, have always found it suprisingly underwhelming on my headphones, prehaps playing in an orchestra has spoilt it a little for me. I am a lover of warm sound, I hate even the slightest feeling of "sharpness", completely spoils my listening experience and sense of emersion. The way...
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    Proof of burn in? Or differences between old/new HD650s? Or both?

    I agree with Wasp. Seductive is a lovely way to put it. The bass just draws you in and makes you feel so involved in the music. Of course I have only heard one ear of the new kind.
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    Proof of burn in? Or differences between old/new HD650s? Or both?

    So Sennheiser do have a representative on this forum? I would love to be able to talk to them, and as I can just point them in the direction of my threads it will save a lot of hassle explaining my situation. When you say occasionally, how infrequently do you mean? Also I'm guessing that if they...
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    "Old" vs "New" HD580/600s & HD650s?

    Well it happened. I got my HD650s back today and I now have one old type driver and one new type. So depending on the reality of old/new HD650s and burn-in I may have a pretty miss-matched headphone on my hands here. I have got to say that right now they sound very odd to me, but I am...
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    Can this damage the amp...?

    The other day I broke my HD650s, the left channel cut out while I was listening. For a small period of time my Ultra Micro stack was playing through just one channel. Can this damage the amp (or the remaining working driver)? Thanks
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    "Old" vs "New" HD580/600s & HD650s?

    I'm sorry to bump such an ancient thread. I have just sent my HD650s to sennheiser to be repaired because the left channel dropped out. They are about 4 years old and have been used a lot so I am worried that there will be a mismatch of drivers if they put a new one in. I am wondering what...
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    What happened to the Ultra Desktop DAC?

      Quote:   Yesss... Tyll and Headroom pretty much single handedly made headphones what they are today. Sometimes I worry that people are forgetting that. I won't let it happen! I will be spreading the word everywhere I go   Cheers!  
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    *Tumbleweed blows across thread*
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    HD650s broke

    Thanks for the replies guys. I assumed this thread had died yesterday so I sent them off to sennheiser. I made a note on the letter to mention the fact that they are 4 years old, but didn't mention driver design, so its in their hands what they choose to do. Would you say that the new drivers...
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    HD650 care

    OK... this has all become rather unimportant now.   Earlier as I was clicking the ear pad back on the left channel cut out. I know the exact moment it happened because I had left the music playing and I heard a sharp drop in volume as I clicked the pad back into place. I know its the capsule...