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    Storm Digital D02 NOS DAC - Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Loftprojection It's probably because the internal battery is very small but using something like a rechargeable SLA battery... It already has an 7.2Ah SLA.. How much do you want?
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    Room acoustics

    spwal: Eh.. Most people I know think that the room acoustics have the biggest effect on sound besides the speakers themselves! So at least I might put that much in acoustics.. *Though, there isn't much room place anything...* I have a room node of >10dB at 60Hz (well.. the response is pretty...
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    Supra Audio ICs. Any good?

    I haven't seen them being said to _really_ compare with expensive makers (like you mentioned), but they sure are a popular choice for cheap cables here in Finland, and I suppose in the rest of the Northern Europe. At least lots of people who don't think there are really any differences in cables...
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    Room acoustics

    Good topic.. Just recently when your Behringer DEQ2496 thread surfaced I got interested in it. For room eq purposes mainly. I had been thinking about some parametric (Behringer included) eqs before too. I have to see if it's any help on room nodes, though that is not adviced. Treble seems to...
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    Need some new trance albums.

    Trance tech seems to have it..
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    7308 military usn cep gold pin AMPEREX tubes :eek: wow ( very first impressions )

    Heh.. Don't torment me with those tubes.. *They where good .. for the brief period they lasted..*
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    Any major reasons to upgrade Foobar2000 from 0.8.2 to 0.8.3??

    Yes it's a case of don't fix it if it ain't broken.. But I like to keep mine updated. Besides I do my replaygaining with it, so the added (little) speed doesn't hurt. BTW the installer is small and remembers the settings from the last run (no need to uninstall) so the update is very fast to do..
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    The new what do you think?

    Samples are nice.. Though it takes a bit clicking to get them playing. (50% of the tries timeout?) Yep, sloow. *Hopefully they can optimize/get more servers online/load balance..* "Works" on a Mozilla for me, but the JS links sure are annoying..
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    Do you read the lyrics?

    Heheh.. I guess I have to be the first naysayer here. I don't read lyrics. I'm not generally annyed if I don't understanding what they sing. Also I tend not to notice if I don't understand.. I just like how music sounds, singing and playing together.
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    Head-Fi special attack team

    Well cafepress claims to have had 300,000 "stores" (consumer run) close to a year ago, plus 1000 new ones per day and 35 corporate stores.. So, probably they sell mostly the same products with different logos.
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    Head-Fi special attack team

    Quote: Originally posted by Joe Bloggs And I repeat: what head-fi thong And which division should wear it I think: this .. Who would buy that? It must only sell as a mandatory uniform piece, eh? *Meh.. Generally those store product look bad with those photoshopped logos..*
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    Bel Canto DAC2: My "best" component!!

    I too like my old dac I recently got.. Was thinking of getting either a new headphone amp or source. Went for a source and for the moment I even like my headphone amp better.
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    Newb question: "Good enough" DAC or USB sound interface for Prehead/HD-650

    Well, I don't know how much you can say, at least from the fig. 10.. That PS Audio Lambda they used for input is pretty low jitter source, more so than some general piece of gear. *Hopefully too.. So I might gain something.* Maybe if they had measured the same with some worse gear too.. (Like...
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    Equipment Stand Recommendations

    That Ikea Lack thingy doesn't sound too thick.. Only particleboard? Though you don't have to "cut" the legs as (you know Ikea) it doesn't come assembled (Well, you could shorten them..) Better to do from MDF + some 2x2 and veneer (if you aren't all thumbs (like me )? Well, its ready made.. Anyway..
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    Newb question: "Good enough" DAC or USB sound interface for Prehead/HD-650

    Heh.. No he would not need a lowly DIP if he wishes to connect his PC to a aprox. 10,000 USD DAC. Besides the Medea has jitter reduction build-in (well two actually).