Nemo de Monet
Oct 15, 2008
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    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Pimetas (2x, OPA134s & LHM6321s); Mini^3s (2x, 1 "hi performance", 1 "extended run", powered with a <A href="">MUPS</a>); a buffered CMoy variant, a "SOHA Mk. I", and an, ahem, <A href="">Super Simple</a> tube hybrid, yay.
    Source Inventory:
    PCs, several tube receivers, several iRiver and Creative MP3 players, a couple no-name Chinese "MP4" players
    Power-Related Components:
    Several homebrew linear power supplies, a few re-purposed industrial/medical SMPSes, and the usual assortment of wallwarts.


    (Did you know I recently wrote a novel? It's called 'Mendacities'. Please read it. Or not.)
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