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    Frankenheiser (or maybe Hellheiser), way of fixing broken HD650 headband cheap and dirty

    Quote:   No, I bought a long straight bar. I used my bare hands and a couple of strokes with a small sledgehammer and bent it against a toroid transformer (a smaller one than in the picture above). It would've been better to use a cylinder with a smoother surface. I used countersunk...
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    AD 8066 problems

    Quote: Originally Posted by Slash47 Why you would end up with a noisy amp I do not quite see. The resistors are way too resistant, but other then that you'll end up with a nice opamp rollable cmoy. Johnson–Nyquist noise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I've tried that...
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    Curious about 3 channel amps...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Koyaan I. Sqatsi But it doesn't entirely work as advertised. It's advertised as bypassing ground. It doesn't. That's a myth. I've never seen it advertised as "bypassing ground". I don't even know what that means. Quote: A regulated low...
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    Curious about 3 channel amps...

    There aren't that many ways to implement an opamp. The differencies lies in the choice of opamp, and the way the return currents are handled (you can call it the power supply if you want) - which IMO is just as important as the L/R channels: resistors/capacitors, batteries, IC or discrete...
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    How would you explain this distortion (fft pics inside)

    I think you have to show us the result of the soundcard loopback, but it's natural for a class AB amp to show increasing high order distortion under load.
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    Amp inputs

    Quote: Originally Posted by compuryan I would expect the RCA to be better sonically. Of course the difference would be small and immeasurable. It is measurable (crosstalk). I wonder if it's audible?
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    Portable Amplifier Enclosure?

    You still need some batteries, input jack, on-off switch, and maybe a charger and a DC jack. Are you thinking of gluing all those parts together?
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    Audio-gd discrete op-amps reviewed: OPA-Earth, OPA-Moon, OPA-Sun v.2

    Horse, good thing for you opamps aren't made by IKEA. Then they'd have a name instead of a number. Your condition is called synesthesia. Some people have it others don't. Colors can be associated with a lot of things like sounds, shapes, numbers and letters. No wonder we perceive sound...
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    Case-it-yourself DAC kit

    Back on track, has someone compared it to the Zero DAC? There are a couple of different DAC's on Ebay. Most of them use CS4398, but others use PCM1793, TDA1543, AD1852 etc. As I understand it CS4398 sounds (too) detailed, forward and a bit grainy while AD1852 sounds smoother and maybe...
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    Case-it-yourself DAC kit

    Quote: Originally Posted by linuxworks I wish someone could show me some sound that entered your home stereo that did NOT pass thru at least 10 op amps (in the studio, at mastering, at many places) before it got to you. I know you know this but the anti-opamp crowd really makes me...
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    Cmoy power caps... how big?

    Thank you kvant for the EE perspective. I've heard and measured this effect, but I wasn't familiar with the formula. A low impedance point for the return currents is IMO essential for a natural stereo image. I think one must keep power supply and how the amp handles the return currents apart...
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    Cmoy power caps... how big?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gurusan He is talking about power caps..... Yes and I'm also talking about power caps. They're very much in the audio path, sinking/sourcing the return currents. That's why 3 channel amps, amps with shunt regulators or any other methods of getting a...
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    Ultimate DIY: the 3.5mm 1/8" mini jack plug collection thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by NelsonVandal So many nice plugs, not a single nice panel jack Why is it so? I guess it has to do with looks. Fashion before functionality.
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    Questions about some simple power/volt/current...

    I agree regarding listening levels. You don't need more than 1 V for low impedance and maybe 3 V for high impedance phones. Still there are several reasons for using higher supply. The distortion generally gets lower if the supply voltage is increased. A lot of amps don't swing from rail-to-rail...
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    Books/links to learning how to read schematics

    Start playing around with LTSpice. Look at what others have done, and start with some simple schematics and move on to more complex. There are a lot of schematics to be found at and all over the web. I think it's too tedious to learn it the proper way. Besides, you can never...