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    Techno, Electro & Underground Beats

    kind of super massive 🪨 esp. clean air
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    Techno, Electro & Underground Beats

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    Techno, Electro & Underground Beats

    Very nice run there @BlakeT
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    Your thoughts on the Monoprice/Monolith M1060 Headphones?

    M1060 (open) are good bang for buck and nothing close to being heavy or uncomfortable to me. Agreed in the beginning they can do some really weird X-type folding. After some time you know you want to grab both cups when putting them on and back. They have a lot more lit-up signature than Audeze...
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    Feedback by 'moriez' on listing 'Sennheiser HD650'

    The same great guy like last time. Reliable and easy to work with. Thanks once again!
  6. Sennheiser HD650

    for feedback purpose only. already sold
  7. HiFiMAN HE560 'enhanced comfort headband'

    A leftover from my defected HE560 in great condition. Price of new shipped to the EU nears $100 sans import costs. PM if interested
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    Feedback by 'moriez' on listing 'Beyerdynamic DT1990'

    Great recommended buyer. Thanks!
  9. Custom Cans cable for MrSpeakers / Dan Clark Audio (black)

    1.8 meters in excellent condition. Great construction and way more flexible than the stock cable. Purchasing new from Jason is €125 minimum for 1.5 meters, excluding import costs from the UK. PM if interested
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    Ambient Music

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    Ambient Music

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    What are the best top headphones to listen deep house music?

    HD25's are DJ's choice mostly because of reliability and robustness than sound quality. They're fun but not high quality.
  13. Beyerdynamic DT1990

    How's it going guys. A local asked me to help him sell his 2+ years old DT1990's. About 8 months warranty remain. They're in like 9/10 condition maybe even 9.5. Some very very light signs of use. Everything smells new. PM if interested
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

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    Rap and Hip Hop appreciation thread!