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Jun 27, 2019
May 9, 2016
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moon20160404 Send PM

New Head-Fier, Male

1 May 6, 2017

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Jun 27, 2019
  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    I almost hear Japan-pop.
    I am looking for an earphone for background music. (I do not listen to music seriously)
    Collecting budget earphone may be a hobby.
    I do not like high impedance. (I almost listen to music on iPhone6. And I cannot keep still at all.)
    Maybe I care only about vocals.
    Disliked sound:Muffled vocal
    Quiet environment (less than 45 db): Listen on earbuds. Indoor only.
    50 dB or more: Listen with Canal earphone. It is for going out.

    CrowAudio Raven
    PS100-500 ( VerA- Pop3.5) :Smooth vocal
    MX985 Mod
    K's 500 ( Gold Plug3.5) :
    BLOX B200:Delicate,Sweet vocal:
    TY HP-650:Powerful sound
    BLOX B320:Warm、Unique sound
    BLOX B160:spacious

    Puresounds PS100-150(OFC):This vocal is fresh.
    K's Earphone 150ohm (vocal 3):Detailed
    HE 150:Best budget
    BLOX BE3:Best background music
    NEC earphone #1> #2,#2mic:Very warm * Plug defects?
    SHE 3800 #2 >> #3:Good budget
    OKER DS-300
    Seahf AWK-F32T

    DIY EMX 500:Refreshing brightness
    RY4S (blue):Punchy, fun sound
    E808+:Good view, heavy rhythm
    Heavenly Sounds BLUES:All rounder
    MCG VENUS V-1 32 ohm (double black) docomo earphone mod:Sweet vocal
    Vido earphone:Enjoy powerful bass
    K's 64ohm (black):Natural sound
    Puresounds PS100-64(OFC):This vocal at this price
    Laki Audio RAID V1
    Yinyoo Tank
    Yinyoo Z&W

    MCG VENUS V-1 16 ohm (double black) docomo earphone mod:Sweet vocal
    TY Hi-Z 32ohm2.0:Good sound easy to understand at this price
    Sharp MD:Good balance with depth

    TY Hi-Z 32ohm1.0 (Rhodium plug):Clear, refreshing
    SENFER PT15:Bright vocals
    Boarseman K25S:Bright and neat sound
    Wooeasy DIY MX50

    RSE She3800 Mod Indy
    SHE3800 #1:Good rhythm, it complements the vocals
    RSE Monk Plus Black Mod Kz82SUN:
    RSE Monk Plus Red mod
    VE MONK Plus(smoke,Coffee Gold):Music and videos
    QianYun Qian25:Good balance between vocal and mid-bass
    Yincrow X6: Heavy rhythm, controlled vocals
    Kanzenoka YinYang P1.2:Natural sound

    Eli Audio Sabia v 3.0:Bright and flashy
    Erzu earbuds:Moderate bass
    FAREAL 64ohm: 
    QianYun Qian39:
    Edifier h180:
    advance earphone:
    KUBE V1

    @△ (-_-)?
    VE MONK Plus Espresso
    Svara L(black)
    NEC earphone #3
    RY04 (metal white):I do not understand the goodness

    @× (>_< ;)
    MX500(Fake) GLYLEZEE
    Pai flat
    Awei ES10

    @ (Burn-in)
    OKER DS-300(New Box)
    Blox YIN
    VE ZOE
    ZEN LL
    Old sharp earbuds
    RY4S (ue cable)
    diy SR2 (16 ohm red cable)
    old Toshiba
    K's LBB (Little Black Bell)
    diy SR2 (16 ohm black L plug)

    @ soon?

    @ other
    German Maestro GMP 8.300 D Pro
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Walnut v2(MUSES 02)
    Walnut v2(patch3)
    Walnut v2S
    DENON DA-10
    ZiShan-Z2(Burson V5i)
    Zishan Z1

    Massdrop O2 + SDAC DAC/Amp
    Monoprice Monolith Liquid Spark
    Source Inventory:
    Toshinobu Kubota, Ms.OOJA, Hikaru Utada,Aimer,Mye,

    Candy Dulfer, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson,Bruno Mars,Christina Aguilera,


    SHE3800 #1,NEC #2,K's 500 v2,Vido,VE MONK+,PS100-500(ver.A pop3.5),she3800 #2,#3,HE150,DIY EMX50
    Walnut v2(muses02),Zishan Z1(V5i),mojo,DENON DA-10
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