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    I have found my sound and to celebrate…….

    Red Hot Chili Pepers - Stadium Arcadium
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    Portable setup giveaway!

    I would use my Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO
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    Speaker help

    I would suggest using something like this
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    Ultimate Ears 5EB...

    "too bassy" ??!!!! is there such a thing!!!? lol
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    How much money do you save per month?

    I am only 16 but i probaly save between 250 and 450 per month in savings
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    I eat there alot because i work there. I think my favorite is the double cheese burger with sweet and sour souce. Its really good.
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    all this talk about $$

    i am only 16 so obviously 25,000 and under
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    Good Gaming Headphones? (and some other questions)

    DT770 end of story. (Do some searching)
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    What's your favorite cheese?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tennisets Anyone else a big fan of cheese? <<<
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    Now I can check Head-fi EVERYWHERE!!!!

    I do the same thing on my Samsung SCH-A940
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    Welcome to headfi and sorry about your wallet I can't believe you guys... 2 posts before a real welcome... jeez
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    Need Recommendation: Mic for online multiplayer games?

    I have a mic that clips to my shirt and that works really well. i would get that desktop mic though.
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    Best bang/buck speaker cable?

    I have the av123 sp-200 cable and love it. or if you need longer lengths...