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    For vintage gear fans: cheap variacs

    I was advised to steer clear of the current crop of cheap variacs imported from china. A high quality used Made-in-U.S.A. variac (5, 7.5, or 10 amp) from companys such as General Radio, Technipower, or Staco is a better value at under $75. These show up used on eBay, usually from estate sales...
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    Advent 300

    Good, you have determined that the source of the buzzing noise is not in the preamplifier stage nor is it in the power supply. There are one or more faulty components, probably capacitors, in the power amplifier section of the receiver that are the source of the buzzing. A good repair shop...
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    Advent 300

    The Advent 300 receiver had a very good FM stereo tuner, a well regarded headphone output, and an excellent phono stage preamplifier similar to the circuit used in the Apt Holman preamplifier. As you've discovered, the downside of the Advent 300 was in the quality of the parts. That combined...
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    Vintage Integrated Amps or Receivers are lost gems.

    Read the following thread, it may provide a solution to the problem with your Luxman receiver.
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    Crackling from Marantz headphone jack,

    You can use the Radio Shack contact cleaner and lubricant spray or Caig's Deoxit. The parts you need to reach require removing the case to get inside the receiver. Use the nozzle extension to spray inside (one or two times each) the following switches or controls. Be sure to work the control a...
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    Vintage Integrated Amps or Receivers are lost gems.

    The better vintage integrated amplifiers and receivers can keep up with much of today's gear. The secret is in the sauce. In this case the secret ingredient is in the robust power supplies usually found in these units. Oversized, rock solid, with very little ripple. Today's power supplies are...
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    ASL MG Head OTL MKII For Senn HD580's?

    The original model was the MG Head DT. I believe DT stands for Divergent Technologies, the original North American (actually Canadian) importer of this product. OTL stands for output transformerless operation. This feature was added to later versions of the MG Head. In an amplifier that features...
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    What are some good Bob Dylan lines/quips? (for ipod engraving)

    See signature below
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    no sound from amp?

    Check the fuses on the amplifier. You may have created a transient (this type of transient frequently sounds like 60 cycle AC hum at full volume) loud enough to cause a fuse to blow when you disconnected the vinyl setup and connected the CD source without first turning off the amplifier. Always...
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    Vanilla Fudge

    Be sure to seek out the Vanilla Fudge's cover version of the song Season Of The Witch, originally written and performed by Donovan Leitch on his psych album Sunshine Superman.
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    Marantz SR220 Receiver any good?

    Try Head-Fi member cweatapeach. He lists a Marantz SR220 among his equipment. According to his profile the SR220 is a 15 watt per channel stereo amplifier.
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    science behind amps?

    -how does increasing the mW benefit the sound (not: it makes the sound better...) I mean a real explaination for why its better Higher power capability from the headphone output of an audio player or the headphone or speaker outputs of an amplifier enable you to listen at louder acoustic...
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    Janis Joplin

    In the summer of 1967 Big Brother & The Holding Company, featuring Janis Joplin, was one of the San Francisco bands that was invited to play at the Monterey International Pop Festival. Until the band's appearance at Monterey, Janis was known only in parts of Texas and on the West Coast...
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    Okay, I found the model number for my dad's amp.

    I have never heard this amplifier myself, but one owner describes it as a 50 watt per channel amplifier with a nice warm sound that is both inviting and alluring. Don't pay any attention to what anyone has to say about the sound quality of your Fisher amplifier unless they have owned one or...
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    Is this "Integrated Stereo DC Amplifier" any good?

    Assuming that the amplifier cost $250 in the late 1970s, it would cost approximately 3X as much ($750) in current dollars to design, manufacture, and market a similar unit today. Of course advances in integrated circuits and smaller lighter power supplies mean that it does not cost that much to...