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100+ Head-Fier

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    Headphone Inventory:
    stax 007 mk1,k240 sextett,k240 df,,koss ksc75

    gone: heaudio jade,dt531, k241,k240 anniversary edition,k240df,, er6i,k340,k500,hd250ii,,W5000,sr-omega (serial no: 542),hd600 ,
    stax sr-sigma (SR-Σ),stax sr001
    k701, w1000,hd497
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    diy eXStata ss
    diy exStata hybrid tube
    8ps electrostatic tube amp
    diy virgo headamp from diyzone
    diy JAY CAR silicon chip headamp

    gone:headamp kgss,talisman t-35h, graham slee solo green, heed canamp,g & w f100a,yamamoto ha-2,LITTLE dot MKV
    Source Inventory:
    transport: logitech squeezebox touch, ,tglink sound card .
    dac: storm audio 8xtda1543 nos dac,diy twisted pear buffalo24
    toshiba gigabeat f40 portable player
    Cable Inventory:
    diy ic cable with canare cable and plug
    diy neutrik xlr cable
    diy bnc coax cable with canare cable and neutrik bnc plug
    Other Audio Equipment:
    aurum cantus leisure 2 speaker
    diy passlab clone class amp
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    tapped i2s out from emu1212,
    tapped i2s out from tglink card/zhaolu combo.
    modded squeezebox (changed spdif out to bnc,addedtransformer at spdif out, cut power supply off to dac, headamp, removed 12 mhz radio crystal,to be continue..)

    tap i2s from squeezebox duet and feed i2s out to buffalo24, diy linear regualtor 9v and 3.3v supply for duet,
    remove lm4562 from buffalo24, feed 3.3v a123 batteres to avccl and avccr of sabre chip.
    remove 3.3v ldo regulator rom buffalo24 and feed with a123 battery
    remove 11.xxmhz 12.xxmhz clock, buffer from duet, inject tentlab 11.xx mhz clock powered by a123 battery direct into pin42 of xinlinx.


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