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    Drumming Headphones

    I have some experience with headphones and druming but not exactly what you want to do. A friend and I play electronic drum and we love the drum sound in Senn. CX300 (electronic drum sound, not music while playing real drum). I never never fell if they are inserted corectly. I use an extention...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by oldskoolboarder Cools pix MightyCharlou. Is that elevated woodwork or just structures on your ride? I rode Whistler last month, just before Crankwerx. Not a downhiller, more of a XCer. Great riding, tons of trails near the resort. I did some woodwork but I...
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    Made a 20km MTB ride today and took a few pictures on the way. Here is my ride a bit deeper in the forest are some old mountain bike installation
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    Headphone recommendations on Head-Fi - a suggestion ..

    I find the idea interesting. I think something like Harmony Central® - User Reviews would be a great too. I like the way the arranged everything Type -> Brand -> Model, similar to what jjsoviet posted.
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    Official HF-2 Serial Number List

    #212 on my head, that made my day
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    Are these ATH-ESW9A's genuine?

    All I see is a stock picture. Beside the price there are no clues. Another seller, Beach Camera, had them for 225$ a while ago, some ppl bought fakes on ebay for 199$ ... This is quite confusing. Do they have a return policy or can amazon do a refund if they are fakes ?
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    Test your hearing

    75% tone / 0.75hz / 65% on rhythm and 90% on visual I realized there was a repeat button on the few last rhythm test As a musician, I'm a bit disappointed. But I already knew I had a bad short time memory
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    wow there are some great looking cable here ! Cyberspider, where did you get those switchcraft mini plugs ? Here are my diy cables, I'm in the process of recabling my guitar rack mount.
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