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    student...again (Computer Science)
    wife, son, guitars, xc skiing, whitewater, gardening, wood, coffee
    Headphone Inventory:
    Use: HD650, senn CX400, Yamaha rh-5ma

    Gone (or going): Senn HD650, Denon ah-d2000 & d1001, Ultrasone Proline 650, ATH-ES7, portapro, KSC-75, AKG K701 & K601, DT770 Pro, q-jays
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Zhaolu 2.5C w/ discrete headphone amp
    Yamaha MA10
    emu 0404 usb
    Source Inventory:
    At home -- computer to whatever
    Portable -- primary == fuze w/ LOD, Rio Karma (modded, beat to death, still sounds best..but retired), Clip (ok, maybe this and the fuze finally tie the Karma...maybe), Meizu mini (meh), e280, c200, some old zen (crrrap), several other DAPS
    see head amps also for the DACs, almost all transport is FLACs (through ASIO drivers when at home - if you are using DS output you need to stop)
    Cable Inventory:
    I've got some 1/4" braided steel on the winch on my tractor...does that count?
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Nakamichi PA-7 & CA-7A
    Adcom GFA-555 & GFP-565
    Sansui Au-719
    Yamaha A1
    Sansui 8080
    Sansui TU717
    Sanyo T35

    Speakers (in order of preference):
    Snell A/iii (beotch!)
    Dahlquist DQ20 & DQ10 (need to ABX)
    Ohm Walsh 3
    Pioneer HPM-40 (good speakers)
    Klipsch KG4 (put me to sleep)
    Epicure 10 (
    more stuff I forget at the moment
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    mogami 2893 all over the place
    Music Preferences:
    not much rap, not top-40 anything
    bottle opener, coffee grinder
    I used to fly around and fix robots but i missed my family so i quit...


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