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    A&K Billie Jean 2 or Fiio? (How does one choose IEMs anyway)

    Hello there, I currently have a Pioneer XDP300r and I’ve been using it with a Sony WX1000 noise cancelling earphones as I take trains and planes a lot. I’ve been thinking of getting a decent pair of IEMs to utilize the balanced output and squeeze out more sound quality out of my player. The...
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    Is A&K70 mk2 going to be a step up from Pioneer XDP300r?

    Hello there, I wanted to ask if AK70 mk2 is going to deliver a better sound quality thank Pioneer XDP300r? I like the Puoneer but I feel something is lacking there, especially when I listen to old classic rock music (Zeppelin, for instance) I’m also planning to get new IEM’s but that’s...
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    Some settings in my XDP300R and... some thoughts.

    Hello all, I will split this post into two parts. One's got questions about some settings the function of which I'm not quite clear about; the other one has... well, some more general questions. I would be very appreciative of all help and each and every answer. Thanks Questions about the...
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    Pioneer XDP300R VS Sony ZX-300

    Thank you so much for the answer! The biggest problem for me is to choose a good pair of IEM's... I'm using Chord & Major 8'13 right now but they aren't very comfortable... But, in all honesty, I'm completely lost in this jungle of headphones/earphones... When I read that you want to replace...
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    noise-cancelling earbuds vs noise-cancelling headphones

    Thank you! Now... the only question is... Is it worth spending more (much more) on those Sony's or just pull the trigger on the Xiaomi?
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    5 DAPs to choose from. Opinions needed.

    I listen to a lot of blues/swingy jazzy tunes/classic rock/some classical music. Final question: would you go for the cheap Sony a45 or... pay twice as much (still, reasonably inexpensive) and get a Pioneer with a twin DAC?
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    5 DAPs to choose from. Opinions needed.

    Thanks to both of you! I think it’d be too risky to buy zx300 and then try to change the software. I’ll do some research, but I think that getting Onkyo or Pioneer might be my best bet. That being said, I’m kinda tempted to go for the cheap solution, i.e. A45. (for starters) Any recommendations...
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    5 DAPs to choose from. Opinions needed.

    Thank you once again, EagleWings. 1) Wouldn't AK70mk2 be a better choice at the price point of WM1A? I'm currently based in Asia and I don't see many of those players second-hand. 2) I'm wondering if ZX300 is going to be replaced by a new model soon. I've read somewhere that Sony's got a new...
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    5 DAPs to choose from. Opinions needed.

    Thank you, EagleWings If I'm going to use Sony WH-1000xm2 (i.e. noise cancelling headphones), should I even consider ZX300? I suppose those cans won't be able to benefit from the balanced output because they only come with a regular jack. Am I right? Also, in one of the previous posts you...
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    5 DAPs to choose from. Opinions needed.

    Hello again, I was wondering if the balanced output brings a big difference to the sound quality.
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    5 DAPs to choose from. Opinions needed.

    That's what I thought... Those noise-canceling headphones will probably be the limiting factor... Any comments on the players I mentioned?
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    5 DAPs to choose from. Opinions needed.

    Thanks, diver110. That's the thing... I don't know if noise-canceling headphones are a good idea... but I really have to get rid of the sounds coming from the outside when I'm on the road.
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    5 DAPs to choose from. Opinions needed.

    Hello there, I'm just a newbie and I don't have a whole lot of experience with modern DAPs. I used to have a HiFiMan 603 and a Fiio X5 (which I really didn't like) Now I've come to a point where I'd like to invest some money into a good music player. Here are my options: 1) Second-hand Onkyo...
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    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 or Oppo PM-3?

    Thanks!    Just two more questions:   1) I understand that Sony MDR-1A is bellow both Momentum 2.0 and PM3 in every way?  2) PM-3 would set me back for 400USD here in Shanghai. Momentum costs between 320-350USD here. Is the 50-80USD more worth the investement in PM-3 if I'm going to use it...