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Pioneer XDP300R VS Sony ZX-300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mesmerized, Jun 10, 2018.
  1. mesmerized
    Hello there.

    On my last trip to Japan I picked up the Pioneer XDP300R and I'm just getting to know it... However, I'm in Shanghai right now and I noticed that there is a sale on Sony ZX300 (the player I was initially looking at) I know that the Sony supports LDAC, which is useful for wireless headphones. The Pioneer supports APTX but I don't know if that standard is as good as LDAC. Sony has better battery life but Pioneer isn't bad either in that department.

    Putting that aside, in terms of pure sound quality... which one would you say might have the upper hand?

    Selling my Pioneer wouldn't be a problem because I have a potential buyer. The IEM's I'm using now are Chord & Major Rock (any opinions about those?) but I'm considering getting the FiiO F9 Pro as they fit nicely in my ears. Also, I'll be using noise-cancelling earphones when on the plane.

    I realize that my question might be kinda hard to answer but any input will be appreciated!
  2. yong_shun
    I find that XDP-300R is very good in details and separations. It is a little less engaging and analytical. The sound signature can be described as typical Japanese sound signature - airy and spacious. ZX300 has a very powerful kick at the lows. It is towards dark kind of sound signature for me.

    LDAC is definitely better as compared to aptX. The transmission rate is much higher (~900kbps if not mistaken, aptX is around ~300-ish). To trigger the LDAC in ZX300, your headphone need to be in that codec else it will choose whatever codec that can match to your headphone (aptX most likely).

    F9 pro is a very good buy. I am thinking to replace my Campfire Audio Nova with it.
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  3. mesmerized
    Thank you so much for the answer!

    The biggest problem for me is to choose a good pair of IEM's... I'm using Chord & Major 8'13 right now but they aren't very comfortable... But, in all honesty, I'm completely lost in this jungle of headphones/earphones... When I read that you want to replace your Campfire Audio IEM's I was quite surprised. Are the FiiO's really better?

    Not sure how to approach this. There are so many products out there... I listened once to Michelle Limited and they sounded great, too... Are they better than the FiiO's or my Chord & Major? No idea. Now there's a new model called Billie Jean... and tons and tons of other IEM's from other brands. I kinda feel like drowning here.

    As for the Pioneer... would you be able to compare it to, say, A70mk2?

    I'll go and listen to ZX300 tomorrow but something tells me I won't have a chance to listen to my music on it. Perhaps XDP300R is... good enough?

    Thanks again. I'm a complete newbie...

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