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    Imelda May

    Saw her live at Brecon Jazz back in 2007, there were about 40 people there but it was awesome!! She's found some good backing musicians too.  
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    Shaving, gents

    Glad to hear it's going OK. Did you spend as long lathering the cream as with the soap? Maybe try it in a bowl a few times so you can at least see your lather progress. It is a pretty good cream that one, it's in my rotation of about 6 and produces reasonable results, albeit not as good as some...
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    Limited budget, need IEM

    How about a beyerdynamic in that range, the dtx71 recently released would be a good bet, it's the same sound-wise as the dtx80 and they are pretty well built. Anything you like/don't like about the re0?
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    Welcome Monster "Turbine Challenge" Reviewers!

    I'd hope 2 1/2 weeks is fine, if they're all shipping from the US mine'll take a week to arrive anyway and there are quite a few bank holidays coming up which will probably slow it up further... (unless they're coming from a local distributor)
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    Hi nub here

    Quote: Because this forum format doesn't allow for them, there are a few 'useful links' in the full size section but all we have in here are sponsor ads. Good luck in your search, remember to check the date of any reviews you read, budget earphones, particularly, have got a lot better...
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    Fischer Audio DBA-04

    Quote: Yeah, but why another one, unless the dba-02 is being discontinued, how is one company supposed to market both???
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    Fischer Audio DBA-04

    Quote:   Bit of an odd shape for an armature phone as well.
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    Shaving, gents

    You actually finished something! I've been shaving properly now since about august and haven't finished anything yet apart from two free samples, and i'm not likely to for a couple of years yet, oh well, it's cheaper than collecting headphones...
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    Westone 2 True-Fit IEM Appreciation & Impressions Thread...

    Glad you're enjoying them, they should be a nice alternative to have to your turbines, or the other way round...
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    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    I think i've got to bookmark that post lilley, i'm at a major disadvantage with trance, I got into it in about 2006, first album of it I got was In Search of Sunrise 5, since then you only ever hear most euphoric ones in clubs if they're not new releases.
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    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    I like pretty much all Above & Beyond, though my favourite of theirs is and always will be Indonesia, don't know why, nothing wrong with not liking it though, there'll be others, but maybe post some music you like rather than complaining about everyone else's music, i'd be interested for one...
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    Portable amp for Etymotic hf3

    Have you got your hf3's yet? I suggest listening to them first, I don't think they need an amp at all, plus you'll lose the iphone compatibility using one.
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    Beyerdynamics DTX 35s?

    You can get them for £15 in the UK, I wouldn't expect much at that price, $50 at headroom sounds pretty steep by comparison.
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    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    Most albums are available on CD, some releases from the smaller labels are only on vinyl or as a download, or sometimes as a vinyl that comes with a code for a download which is nice, ripping from vinyl is a PITA. And, no, you can't reformat them to a better quality file.
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    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    Looks like it'd be an awesome festival, only problem, it's about 4000 miles away from me...