Headphone Inventory
HD 598, 600, 800, LCD-4, Oppo PM-1, AKG K1000, JVC DX1000, Grado PS1000 x 2 (matte and satin versions), GH1, Stax SR303, SR404 and Lambda, HE-6, Meze Neo, B&W PX, ZMF Eikon
Headphone Amp Inventory
Fiio E12, E12DIY, Bryston BHA-1, SRM-006tII and SRD-X pro, Winsome Mouse, Mapletree Audio EAR HD, IFI ICAN PRO
Source Inventory
Fiio X5 Gen 1 and 3, Gungnir, Sony UDA-1, O2/ODAC, Bluesound Node 2, Sonos connect, RME ADI-2 DAC
Cable Inventory
Q cable (for Audeze)