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Jul 9, 2018
Jun 1, 2008
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Head-Fi'er Andy

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Jul 9, 2018
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Grado SR80 (excellent for the price, bit fragile, glued and resoldered many times)
    Jecklin Float Model Two (stylish, enjoyable sound, very comfy)
    Panasonic RP-HJE300 (fairly horrible for the price)
    Sony MDR-V500 (ok, not great, now broken)
    Sony MDR-E828LP (meh)
    Sansa earbuds (not bad for the ones they throw in with the player)
    Ultimate Ears Metro-fi 2 (pretty mediocre for the money)
    HiFiMan RE0 (great for $70)
    Sony MDR-EX10LP (pretty good for $11)
    Westone 4R (very nice, especially with O2+ODAC)
    Audio Technica ATH-M50s (bought on Andy's recommendation, good but too much bass and not very detailed)
    PSB M4U2 (decent, falls apart, too bass heavy, a little unspacious)
    Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Closed (favourite so far when using one-notch pads)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Chu Moy amp built into Penguin Mints tin
    Jolida JD-100 CD player with MOSFET headphone amp
    Echo Indigo IO PC card
    Wireless USB audio thing from The Source
    Behringer UB1202 mixer
    JDS Labs O2+ODAC combo (sounds great - buy one)
    Source Inventory:
    Sony Playstation 1
    Jolida JD-100 CD player
    Rega Planar 2 (now broken)
    Some kind of 1980s-vintage Toshiba turntable
    Nextar MP3 player (MA933A?)
    Echo Indigo IO on old laptop
    Sansa Fuze with Rockbox
    Sansa Clip+ with Rockbox
    Samsung Galaxy S2
    Motorola Xoom
    Asus Transformer TF201
    M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 soundcard
    Cable Inventory:
    Don't really care so long as they're shielded and unbroken. And silver. And digital.
    Power-Related Components:
    Wires, plugs, batteries, cheap transformers
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Cayin TA-30 amplifier
    Sonic Impact 5066 T-amp
    Music Preferences:
    Classical, jazz, soul, funk, indie, minimal techno & house
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