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    New Apple earphones - who's tried'em?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BigD IMO, iBuds are good waste of $39!!! I was so mad and angry for paying $39 for them. It didn't last 1wk. Perhaps some mod could help but I rather pay little more to get shure, etys, ATh. These buds were sterile, boring, wimpy... $39 worth of nice apple...
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    Koss KSC-35 vs. KSC-75

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wodgy Just looking at the curves, the PortaPro/KSC-35 drivers are clearly electrically different from the KSC-55/SportaPro drivers. This just reinforces the evidence that the PortaPro/KSC-35 drivers use neodymium magnets and the others use samarium cobalt...
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    Wireless headphones?

    The only wireless headphones I'd spend money on are the xdream system or the Amphony system. Alternatively, Koss just came out with a wireless system that lets you use your own favorite headphone -- worth considering.
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    iPod mini announced

    Quote: Originally posted by carlin plus this guy thinks that Apple and crazy eyes jobs can do no wrong. Suddenly carlin, who did the same thing in another thread as sygyzy is doing here (actually, carlin was a lot worse), jumps on the bandwagon and starts posting snide comments and...
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    iPod mini announced

    Quote: Originally posted by austonia deleted because stupid comment. haha You? A stupid comment? In this thread? No way. Anyways... Considering the competition (other 4GB players), I think it's fairly priced, especially when you consider that, battery life aside, it has...
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    Let me tell you a story.

    Quote: Originally posted by Ebonyks I'm sorry macDEF, but i respectfully disagree with you. What I stated is quite simple: there are RULES for commercial interests on Head-Fi. If you want to be treated equally, you have to adhere to those rules. If you don't adhere to the same...
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    Echo Indigo vs. iPod

    Quote: Originally posted by austonia its not any more ridiculous than Steve Jobs comparing iPod mini 4gb vs. Rio Chiba 256mb. lol... why not toss in a Sock to the comparison as well. Hmm... since the only other 4GB player on the market was announced... oh, today, it wasn't exactly a...
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    Quote: Originally posted by scottder Oh boy GarageBand....almost as exciting as the demonsration of Microsoft Word! Speak for yourself. I think GarageBand is the most amazingly cool software to come from anyone in years. If I'd had this when I was a teenager, I never would have...
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    Let me tell you a story.

    Quote: Originally posted by Ebonyks I am simply asking that his products be treated the same way that every one elses would on the forums If said person obeyed the same rules that all other vendors have been considerate enough to obey, perhaps said person's products would be treated...
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    Zen Xtra - Best Sound?

    Quote: Originally posted by insomniac MacDEF, do you think you could explain the difference in sound between the ipod and the zen xtra? I personally find the iPod to be a bit more accurate; i.e., flatter. The Zen was a bit more "exciting" in that it had a bit of emphasis at certain...
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    Zen Xtra - Best Sound?

    Quote: Originally posted by CheewyMuffin Ipods bass isnt clear and distorts with the EQ The iPod's EQ isn't that great, but the bass isn't clear? I guess if you're a bass head. For the rest of us, the iPod's bass is excellent. (In fact, it's a lot better -- read: more accurate --...
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    Zen Xtra - Best Sound?

    It's debatable. The Zen and the iPod, IMO, have the best sound of all the players. I personally prefer the iPod's sound, but I can see why someone might prefer the Zen. Both are clearly better than the rest, from my experience.
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    Obligitory noob questions

    I bookmarked the following article while reading about iPod accessories on the same site: Unfortunately, the site isn't responding right now, but if I remember correctly it was a headphone guide for iPods and computers.
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    Kid Safe Browser?

    lextek: There are a few OS X options: KidsBrowser 1.1 (an actual browser that uses the Safari engine): Kids GoGoGo (a Web filter): You could also use a filtering app like Privoxy...
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    Expensive buy in headphone gears that disappointed you?

    Quote: Originally posted by Rizumu Finally, someone who agrees with me. The PX200's design is great, they work perfectly for portable, and yet the sound is so blah. It's really too bad. That was a disappointment to be sure. You must not have gotten a good seal. (Seriously!) Before...