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Oct 25, 2017
Feb 23, 2006
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software developer (mostly Java based)

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m00hk00h Send PM

100+ Head-Fier, Male

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Oct 25, 2017
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    software developer (mostly Java based)
    Hifi, Music, consumer electronics, PCs and anything related to these wide topics...
    Headphone Inventory:
    - audio-technica C705 earbuds
    - audio-technica ATH-ANC7, Noise Cancelling
    - beyerdynamic DT770 Manufaktur, 600 Ohm ("Goldy")
    - beyerdynamic DT880 '03
    - Koss KSC 35 clip on
    - rhines customs Stage 4
    - Sennheiser MX500 earbuds
    - Sennheiser HD1000 Charleston
    - Yoga CD880

    formerly owned (not up to date!):
    - AKG K81 DJ, K501, K701
    - audio-technica ATH-A900, ATH-A900 Ltd., ATH-A950, ATH-W10VTG, ATH-W1000, ATH-W2002, ATH-AD700, ATH-AD2000, - audio-technica ATH-W100(0) (W1000 with W100-drivers)
    - beyerdynamic DT231
    - Denon AH-D2000
    - Ergo AMT
    - Grado HF-1
    - Sennheiser PX100, HD540 Gold, HD580 Jubilee, HD650, HD25-1, HD280Pro, HMD280Pro Headset
    - Sony MDR-CD250, MDR-SA5000
    - Speedlink Medusa Headset

    heard at home, for a longer period (not up to date!):
    - AKG K242, K271/K272, K181 DJ, K530, K1000
    - audio-technica ATH-ES7, ATH-M50, ATH-W5000
    - beyerdynamic DT250 (80 und 250 Ohm), DT660, DT770M, DT770 Edition
    - Denon AH-D1001, AH-D5000, AH-D7000
    - German Maestro (formerly MB Quart) GMP450 Pro
    - Koss Pro4AA Titanium
    - Sennheiser PX200
    - Sennheiser HD25SP
    - Ultrasone Pro650, Edition9, Edition8
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    - audio-technica AT-HA2002
    - JDS labs C5d (red)

    formerly owned (not up to date!):
    - Meier Audio Corda Aria, Porta Corda II, Corda Move
    - Little Dot Micro

    heard at home, for a longer period:
    - beyerdynamic A1
    - CEC HD53R V8
    Cable Inventory:
    Nothing special...
    Power-Related Components:
    Other Audio Equipment:
    - Ceative Zen Sleek MP3-Player (20Gb)
    - Sandisk Sansa Clip
    - JDS Labs C5D (red)

    - Fostex PM2 MKII

    - Nubert AW-880 with Velodyne SMS-1

    Controlled by:
    - Rotel RC-06

    And room-corrected by:
    - Velodyne SMS-1
    Music Preferences:
    Pretty much everything!...as long as it's good.
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