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    How many heaphones do you have? And why?

    2: AD700 and RX700. No plans to buy more; I've had the AD700 since 01/09 and the RX700 since 03/09.
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    Why are so many K701, 702 for sale?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cankin What particular monitor or closed phones they use?? K240 or K271?? Depends on the studio. I'm not nearly as well-versed in monitors, but regarding closed phones, the MDR-V6 has long been a favorite.
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    What is the affordable 'best' of each manufacturer.

    Quote: Originally Posted by helicon1 lucky and intoart seem to be the same person and after being here for sometime it seems that the AD700s are the permanent FOTM hp on here. I was gonna buy some for really cheap but I don't think I am going to after having a listen. Hey, suit...
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    Why are so many K701, 702 for sale?

    ^ Most studios use monitors to mix and master, and closed phones for recording. Marketing aside, the K702 isn't a "pro" headphone anymore than the Macbook Pro is a "pro" laptop.
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    Amp for Audio Technica ATH-AD500's?

    Quote: Originally Posted by KidJethro Ok, the AD700's showed up. First impressions- Other than color, and the model # printed on them, they are identical to the AD500's in appearance and materials. I can tell by looking at the driver's that they are different. The AD700's looks larger...
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    Amp for Audio Technica ATH-AD500's?

    I've also read both phones are virtually alike. Would be fun to do a blind listen between the AD500, 700, and 900. I wouldn't be surprised if the differences could easily be attributed to preference.
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    What is the affordable 'best' of each manufacturer.

    I don't understand this pathological drive to describe the K501 as a $100 headphone and various Stax rigs as $300 gear; they aren't. It's like telling someone they can find savings accounts with 15% APR if they look around for a good deal. Such options are few and far between for most people...
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    how close sennheiser PX100 to HD595?

    The HD595 is an overpriced clone of the HD555. Get the HD555 and call it a day.
  9. lucky 200v w/ mic for 24.99 @ amazon

    Well, I've had them for a few days now, and am very happy with them. They work well for listening while riding, which was why I'd bought them. I ordered two pairs. Incidentally, Amazon is no longer directly selling them, as of this evening. The price is currently $85. For that price, you could...
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    Why are so many K701, 702 for sale?

    Because they just aren't that good.
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    What is near perfect but won't break the bank?

    Quote: Originally Posted by pyrokid ad700s. x3.
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    My Alessandro MS-100 -- Yes, 100 -- not 1000!

    Quote: Originally Posted by nickchen Such honest statements are much too seldom at this site, where everything tends to get boosted towards a night-and-day difference. Indeed. Refreshing to hear someone actually admit they didn't hear much of a difference in something.
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    What is the affordable 'best' of each manufacturer.

    Quote: Originally Posted by themanbeast That was kinda the point I was making I do definitely prefer my K701 now that I have an amp that can back it well. But looking for something that will not "Break the bank" kind of disqualifies it. Some other favs of mine that I can/have...
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    Looking to Possibly upgrade from Grado SR-80s

    Quote: Originally Posted by charliex Huh...can we not say that about every new headphone release (ie HD 800, Edition 9 etc). And are not most opinions pretty much subjective anyways. They are, but few on HF understand the difference between subjective opinions (e.g., the sonic...